June 27th, 2017


Today’s WOD

A.Go every 90 sec x 7 sets – Split jerk x 1 – start off at 70%, and build per set

B.With a partner, “I go, you go” switch after every complete round

20 min AMRAP

1 Deadlift @ 315/225 (75% ish)

5 Air squats

10 Push ups OR 5 HSPU’s (Rx’d +)

Notes: focus on form, speed and THEN weight on jerks

June 26th, 2017


Today’s WOD

A. Go every 3 min x 5 sets:

Front squats x 2-3 reps @ 85-90%

Sit ups x 40 reps

B. Unbroken American KBS x 20 reps, rest 1 min x 3 – as heavy as you can

C.With a 4 min timer, perform 3 sets of:

400m Run/ 500m Row

20 wall balls

AMRAP Pull ups/MU’s (Rx’d +) in remaining time

Notes: Building up our volume on sit ups for next week. Goal is to push through on the pull ups while fatigued

June 24th, 2017


Today’s WOD



Thrusters 95/65

KBS 1.5/1.0

Box Jumps 24/20

400m run







June 23rd, 2017


Today’s WOD

A1. Squat clean x 1.1.1 @ 80-85% rest 5-10 sec b/t lifts

A2. T2B or K2E x 10-15 reps, rest 2 min x 5


5 RFT:

40 Lunges

20 Burpees

Notes: add some weight on cleans from last week, notice the additional set as well. lunges and burpees, simple right?! Lol

June 22nd, 2017


The Four Decades

Today’s WOD

A.EMOM x 10 – Hang Power snatch x 3 reps @ 80% + 3 High box jumps

+B.3 min AMRAP

3 Deadlift @ 225/155

6 Pull ups OR 1 MU

REST 2 min x 3

Notes: perform both snatches and box jumps EVERY minute for part A. Start off where you finished off the previous AMRAP for a total score after 3 x 3 min AMRAPs


June 21st, 2017


Today’s WOD

A. Go every 3 min x 5 sets:

Push press x 3-5 reps @ 80-85%

DU’s x 50 reps (or 60 sec max reps)

B. 10 sets of:

15 Push ups OR 5 HSPU’s (Rx’d +)

100m run/row

REST 1 min b/t sets

Notes: Beef up the weight on the push press this week. 10 sets should be quick, recover quick and repeat.

June 19th, 2017

FullSizeRender (71)

Today’s WOD

A.Go every 2-3 min x 5 sets – bench press x 1/3/5 (goal is to build to EITHER a 1RM, 3RM or 5RM)


With a  partner – “I go, you go” switch after every complete round

20 min AMRAP

5 wall balls

3 HSPU’s (OR seated L press)

1 Power clean @ 225/155

Notes: looking to test your bench press, see where you stand, have a plan. For partner wod, try to keep up at least a round a minute