December 19th, 2018

Today’s WOD

Weighted Strict Pull Up



5 Rounds

50 Double Unders 1

5 Pull Up

Coaches Notes: After progressing our weighted strict pull up we have a quick workout that should have unbroken (or close to it) double unders and pull ups. Be prepared for a lung pump.

Score: Time to Complete Intensity


Scaling for Intensity

  • Double Unders → Reduce Reps → 30 Singles with 3 Double Under Attempts

Kipping Pull Up → Reduce Reps → Jumping Pull Up → Ring Row

Monday December 17th

IMG_9924 (2)

Today’s WOD

2 to 4 Rounds

3 Strict Pull Up

2 Chest to bar Pull Up

1 Bar Muscle Up


5 Rounds, Each


10 Burpee
25 Wall Ball 20/14
ME Bar Muscle Up in Remaining Time

With a Partner, alternating every Round

Coaches Notes:Bar work continues with an emphasis on learning the gymnastics kip. A series of drills leads into a partner workout that will be a gasser. Try to partner up with someone who wants to perform the same movements as you.

Score: Total reps on intensity between both partners

Scaling for the Workout

  • Burpee →  Bodybuilders →  Reduced Reps
  • Wall Ball→ Reduced Weight/Height → Reduce Reps → Goblet Squat

Bar Muscle Up → Jumping Bar Muscle Up → Strict Pull Up → Double the Number of Ring Rows

Friday December 14th


Today’s WOD

3 Rounds

5 Stiff Legged Deadlifts

5+5 Staggered Stance Stiff Legged Deadlifts


Deadlift 5RM

Coaches Notes: Today is a traditional heavy day with the focus on the king of all lifts, the deadlift. It should be noted that all deadlifts performed for strength should be done with a double overhand hook grip and a deadstop at the bottom. There are two reasons for this. First, the dead stop and double overhand hook grip will limit weight.  One of the primary purposes of a general strength and conditioning program is to progress athletes towards wellness without risk of injury. By finding ways to make the deadlift taxing we limit the risk of injury, which is imperative for the general population. The lack of mixed grip ensures athletes are building a balanced body, and also will have better carry over to the clean.

Score: Deadlift 5RM

Thursday December 13th

Joanne L keeping up with her WODS while vacationing in Dominican.

Today’s WOD


25 V-Up

50 Double Unders

25 KB Snatch 2/1.5

500m Row

Coaches Notes: A slog of an AMRAP before our heavy 5RM deadlift tomorrow. Rowing today paired with V-Ups, double unders, and DB Snatches. This is grunt work. It is also a good opportunity to discuss pacing. Athletes should have a plan for moving through this workout at a steady pace.

Score: Rounds + Reps on intensity

Scaling for Intensity

  • 500 Row → Reduce Distance
  • V-Ups → Jack Knives → Sit Ups → Anchored Sit Ups
  • Double Under →  Reduced Number of Double Unders →   50 single unders with 5 Double Under attempts each round
  • DB Snatch → Reduce the weight → Reduce the reps

Wednesday December 12th


Today’s WOD

5 Rounds

2 Overhead Squat w/3s Pause in Bottom, across

10 High Bench Row, Across


Regionals 2014 Event 7

64 pull-ups

8 overhead squats, 205/135

6 Minute Time Cap

Coaches Notes: A quick sprint workout and throwback from the 2014 regionals finishes off a day focused on building shoulder stability. The paused overhead squat is a great way to build the upper back, especially when combined with the high bench row.  The met-con itself is very challenging.

Score: Time to complete Intensity. Any incomplete reps count as seconds.

Note: This a workout from Regionals 2014.To see the movement standards or relive nostaligia, check out this link!

Scaling for Intensity

  • Pull Up  → Reduced Reps →  Jumping Pull with Emphasis on Kip Swing →  Ring Row

Overhead Squat → Reduce Weight → Front Squat, only as a last resort

Tuesday December 11th


A big warm welcome to  James who recently started at CFK and is a good friend of Coach Andrew.

Today’s WOD

Weighted Ring Dip

4×8 Across



24 Push Press 95/65

12 Burpee Box Jump Over 24/20

Coaches Notes: Scapular function through a variety of pre-hab exercises before adding some strength work via the strict ring dip. This should build off of the previous focus on the movement with athletes attempting the same weight or scale for more reps across less sets. The AMRAP couplet will finish off pushing muscles.

Score: Rounds + Reps on Intensity

Scaling For Intensity

  • Push Press → Reduce weight → Dumbbell Push Press

Burpee Box Jump Over → Reduce Height → Reduce Reps → Burpee Step Up Over