Tuesday June 19th, 2018

Upper Body Strength

Go every 2:30 x 10

10 Bench Press @ 50-60%

10 Ring Row- Elevate feet to increase difficulty



In 10 minutes

3 attempts max rep pull ups

  • If you can do more than 15/10 strict reps on set one then set two and three you can attempt higher skill style. Eg kipping/butterfly/bmu



10 min AMRAP

With a partner

P1= 3x tire flip with jump through

P2= Farmers hold 2x heavy KB

Monday June 18th, 2018

Power Endurance

KB Deck of Cards

Hearts= KB Swings

Diamonds= Goblet squats

Spade= Head Choppers

Clubs= Snatch


  • Aces are valued at 1
  • All other face cards are valued at 10
  • Jokers are worth a 500m row then a 400m sprint (do one of each)
  • Men 2pd women 1.5pd



Build to a max TGU in 10min → start from standing position

Thursday June 14, 2018

Upper Body Strength

Go every 2:00 x 10

10 strict press @ 50-60%



Strip set to Failure

Seated Dbl KB press




Breather: 5 Min Cap


Push Press 95/65

RKB 2/1.5

Pull ups

Wednesday June 13, 2018


10 KB Clean- must touch floor every rep, both hands on horn AHAP

2:00 Row Target 600/550m

Rest 2:00

X 3

5 Min Intermission


10 KB Goblet Squats- both hands and forehead on horn- AHAP

2:00 Jumping Squats

Rest 2:00

X 3

5 Min Intermission


3 sets

:30 Left Arm Plank

:30 Right Arm Plank

:30 Plank

:90 rest