Friday October 19th


Today’s WOD

“Regionals Nate”

10 Rounds

4 Strict Muscle Up

7 Strict Handstand Push Ups

12 KB Snatches (32/24)

Hard 20 Minute Cap

Coaches Notes: Today is a very humbling Gymnastics test. This is a challenging workout that tests athlete’s gymnastics ability. Workouts, such as “Regionals Nate” provide a glimpse into what is possible with CrossFit and when properly scaled, these workouts give athletes a chance to compete and compare with the big dogs!  

Score: Time to complete the Intensity. Any unfinished reps count as additional seconds.

NOTE: breakdown of this workout is found here:

Thursday October 18th


Today’s WOD

4 Rounds
5 Box Squat, For Speed

10+10 Bodyweight Step Up

ME Wall Ball

Rest 3 Minutes Between rounds



Toe to Bar


Coaches Notes:The consistency part is designed to be performed across at a moderate weight and will set you up to work on improving your wall balls where you should be pushing as close to failure as possible. The intensity piece is to get you a quick lung pump.

Score: Time on Intensity

Wednesday October 17th


Today’s WOD

100m Yard Stride Outs

1×50% ; 1×60% ; 1×70% ; 1×80% 1×90%


Every 6 Minutes for 5 Rounds
800m Run

Coaches Notes:Running repeats are the name of the game today. It’s a great exercise in pacing, aerobic capacity, and mental toughness.

Score: Average split time on Intensity EMOM

NOTE: These are exercises in pacing. In this video Chris Hinshaw discusses why pacing is important and how it applies to CrossFit.

Tuesday October 16th


Congratulations Bill and Lindsay of the Birth of your Benjamin:)

William Benjamin Knight MacGregor arrived October 11 at 3:25. 8lbs 1oz 20.5 inches.

Today’s WOD


1 Min: Partner A Does 20 Wall Ball, Partner B should complete as many muscle ups as possible.

1 Min: Partner B Does 20 Wall Ball, Partner A should complete as many ring muscle ups as possible.

1 Min: Both Partners Rest

Coaches notes: A twist on the partner workouts today with a friendly head to head battle. This is a workout where the partners are competing against each other to see who can accumulate the most muscle ups while their partner is doing wall balls during the workout.

Score: Total number of Ring Muscle Ups performed by Each Person


Monday October 15th, 2018

image1 (7)

This is what a CrossFit Date looks like

Happy 1 week Wedding Anniversary Christmas’

Today’s WOD

Handstand Practice

Wall Walk w 5/s Nose and Toes Hold

3 to 10

Kick Up to Handstand

3 x 30s

Handstand Walk

5 Minutes of Practice



5 Power Snatch 135/95

100 Ft Handstand Walk [Bear Crawl]

5 Power Snatch 135/95

100 Ft Handstand Walk [Bear Crawl]

500m Row


This is the first time we have delved into the Handstand walk during the cycle and builds on last cycle. Handstand work is about consistency and the first two cycles build a base that we will expand upon during our next two gymnastics focused cycles!


Score: Rounds and Reps in AMRAP

Saturday October 13th


Today’s WOD

Teams of 3 for time:
10 rounds each
– 6 deadlifts (225/135)
– 12 box jumps (24/20)
– 18 air squats
Coaches Notes: While partner 1 does 1 round of above, partner 2 is rowing and partner 3 is resting. Time stops once all team members have completed 10 rounds and the team has rowed 400 calories.