CFK Kids – Fun Fitness for ages 6+

Fitness classes designed to meet the specific needs of a younger population (neurological, cognitive, motor), our programs for kids highlight the importance of exercise and prepare young bodies and minds for optimal growth and development.  Using functional, full-body exercises to improve strength, coordination, balance, agility, flexibility and endurance, the focus is on encouraging proper form and technique and, most importantly of all, having FUN!   We emphasize team work and cooperation where everyone is a WINNER!!!!

Fit Kids 

Juniors /Seniors combined class (ages 8-12)- Wed at 6 pm . Seniors (10-12) Sat at 9 am and Juniors (6-9) Sat at 10 am.   These classes incorporate age-appropriate full-body, functional exercises that are fun and challenging.  Every exercise/workout can be modified or scaled for any level of ability.

Family FitAges 5+++  — Tues at 6 pm    Why just drop off the kids for their class?  Join them and have fun staying fit together!  FREE for parents in our regular classes and Women’s Only Boot Camp classes (Unlimited or Monthly membership). (This class is currently unavailable)

TeenFit Ages 13 to 15 — Tues at 6 pm  and Fri at 6 pm   Strength and cardio-respiratory conditioning classes that teens will love – challenging, empowering and fun!  These high energy classes provide a teen-only environment to get their sweat on.

Girl PowerAges 13 + — Fri at 5 pm   Just for the girls!  This class is specifically geared to girls with special needs. Not only does this class build self confidence and a healthy self esteem while getting super fit, it also builds strong and lasting friendships.


Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
     9am  FitKids – Sr
  10am  FitKids – Jr
  5pm   Girl Power 
   6pm Teen Fit   FitKids Jr/ Sr Dry Land Teen Fit 
10 class pass $159 (4 month expiry)  Purchase now!
Drop In’s $17.85 ($20 with hst )  Purchase now!

Download our Registration/Waiver Form

Outline of class format:

  • Warm up
  • Skill Review/Introduce New Skill
  • WOD (Workout of the Day)
  • Game

Guidelines for Kids

  • Number One – Have Fun!
  • Come prepared to listen, work hard and try your best
  • Cheer, encourage and congratulate your classmates at every class
  • Before using equipment please wait for instruction on proper use – we want you to stay safe!
  • Assist the coaches with putting equipment away

Guidelines for Parents

  • Please arrive on time for class.  The class is approximately 1-hour  in length
  • Children must be appropriately dressed & equipped:  workout attire that allows freedom of movement, running shoes, hoodie or jacket for cooler days & water bottle
  • If you stay during class please minimize distractions but feel free to cheer from the sidelines
  • Please wait to enter gym area until the current class is over
  • Notify us if your child’s health status changes; if your child is sick please give him/her a rest day


CrossFit Kids - Main Site

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