August 3rd, 2015


Civic Holiday WOD 2011

Join us for our annual Civic Holiday WOD at McLennan Park tomorrow at 9 am. Park in front of the toboggan hill at the Ottawa St. entrance.

August 1st, 2015


Today’s WOD

Partner WOD

4 rounds

30 partner wall balls

50 med ball sit-ups

1 lap walking OH lunges with med ball

1 lap side shuffle med ball pass

*Anytime med ball touches the ground perform 5 burpees

July 31st, 2015


Today’s WOD

Bent over rows @ 31×2, 8-12 reps, rest 2 min x 3


5 min AMRAP

20 DU’s

5 ring dips

Rest 2 min

5 min AMRAP

100m run

10 box jumps

Rest 2 min

5 min AMRAP

200m row

10 American kBS 1.5/1

Coaches Tips:  keep moving throughout each piece, you should be breathing hard but controlled.

July 30th, 2015


Run club is cancelled tonight (Thursday)

Today’s WOD

Dynamic squats (Tempo Squats). 3sec descent, 2 sec pause, fast ascent.

Rest 2 min b/t sets

Warm up:

8@Bar, 6@30%, 3@40%, 3@60%

3@68%, 3@70%, 3@70%, 3@70%, 3@73%


With a 10 min timer

Run 1 mile

In remaining time AMRAP power clean @ 155/115

Coaches Tips: score is total reps of power cleans

July 29th, 2015


Congrats to our recent Group Fundamental Grads ( left of Jeremiah) and Welcome to our new Group Fundamental Gang (right of Jeremiah)


Today’s WOD

Emom x 10 – Shoulder to overhead (any style) x 1 rep, build to a max


20 min partner row – switch every 400m

* do either Deadbugs or planks during rest x 45 sec total

Coaches Tips: see what you can do overhead, then get your cardio on to finish the day

July 28th, 2015

Mandy PanAm '15

Congratulations to Mandy Bujold on winning the Gold Medal at The Pan Am Games this weekend. Below is a message from her

Hi Everyone, 

I just wanted to send out a quick message to thank everyone for the amazing support over the last few weeks during the Pan Am Games. The support we received in and outside of the stadium was incredible and the memories will last a forever. 
I didn’t get a chance to send out updates as the fights went along so I thought I would send out something now. 
What an amazing experience!! It’s hard for me to describe with words what it was like to represent Canada at these Games. All I can say is I have never in my life been more proud to be Canadian!! From the Organization of the event to the performances by my fellow teammates, Canada proved to be a true leader in sport! 
Our Boxing Team was very successful at these Games coming away with 6 medals (3 Gold and 3 Bronze). My Atlas boxing club teammate Arthur Biyarslanov claimed a Gold medal in 64kg after defeating Toledo of Cuba. This was an incredible accomplishment as Canada’s last male to win a gold medal was won 40 years ago. 
As for my performances… I boxed 2 southpaw boxers in the opening and semi final bouts. Peru was my first bout and she was a great young up and coming boxer who I had never faced before. In the semi-finals I boxed against Columbia. This was a rematch from 4 years ago in Guadalajara. She is always a tough opponent and being southpaw it always makes for a great fight. Winning these matches put me into the Gold medal fight against USA. This was a much anticipated fight for me. After the qualifiers last month I remembered coming out of the ring after boxing her thinking “I can beat this girl”. This time I went into the ring knowing that. It was a great fight and I was so proud to be able to share that victory with Canada. It truly was a GOLDEN moment for me. To hear the national anthem play is always special for me but to have a arena full of proud Canadians signing it with me was incredible. 
Thank you for sharing this experience with me and being part of this journey.

Today’s WOD

  1. EMOM x 5 Hang squat cleans x 2 reps
  2. EMOM x 5 deadlifts @ 70-75% x 3 reps


“Bergeron Beep test”

EMOM for as long as possible

7 thrusters @ 75/55

7 pull ups

7 burpees


Coaches Tips: Keep up the last part a long as possible, Chris Speal can do 16+ min…If need be, scale the reps.

July 27th, 2015



Today’s WOD

For time:

100 double unders – buy in (300 singles)


5 rounds of:

10 burpees

200m run


5 rounds of:

10 box jumps 24/20

200m farmers carry 55/35 hand


5 r ounds:

10 Russian kbs 2/1.5

250m row


100 double unders-cash out


Coaches Tips: do each part for the 5 rds before moving on