August 29th, 2015


Today’s WOD

30 min AMRAP

teams of 4, 2 people on sleds while other 2 are doing movements switch when 3 laps are complete
3 laps sled barrell run 225/185
wall walks
kb clean jerks 1.5/1.0
kb squats 1.5/1.0
1 lap equals 1 rep, score is total reps

August 28th, 2015


Today’s WOD

Back Squats

Rest 2min between sets

Warm up:

8@40%, 6@50%, 4@60%, 3@70%


6@75%, 1@95%, 6@78%, 1@98%, 6@80%, 1@102%


10 min AMRAP

5 wall balls

1 PC @ 185/115

5 HSPU’s

Coaches Tips: feeling strong? Go for it today!

August 27th, 2015


TBT  Murf’s Pool WOD in 2011.  Great Memories

Today’s WOD

10 rds for time

1 rope climb OR 10 Pull ups

15 sit ups

Row 100m

Rest 1 min b/t rds

Coaches Tips:  lots of rds, keep them quick

August 26th, 2015



Today’s WOD

  1. EMOM x 5 – Hang squat clean x 1, Front squat x 1


5 rds for time:

15 HR push ups

15 Russian KBS @ 2/1.5

400m run

Coaches Tips: Go hard each round on metcon, should be a fast pace

August 25th, 2015


Today’s WOD

  1. Bent over rows x 6-10 reps, rest 2 min b/t sets


With a partner perform as many rounds as possible in 24 min

20/15 cal row

10 pull ups OR 10 HSPU’s

*only 1 person working at a time

Coaches Tips  choose your poison and switch it up as you like

August 24th, 2015

Jason and Lynda


Another amazing testimonial….

As a couple, we’ve experienced so many positive, personal changes at Crossfit Kitchener.  We’ve seen developments in our strength, health, endurance and especially our energy levels.

When I started at CFK, I wasn’t an active person and never thought I’d join a gym again (I wasn’t interested in the ‘gym’ atmosphere).  What I found at CFK was different.  Only CFK members can attest to how welcoming and empowering the atmosphere is.  In less than a year, I was going three times a week, eating better, sleeping better and I had lost 50 lbs.
 After listening to me go on and on about Crossfit, Jason joined 6 months later.  He was hesitant at first as his job has him walking about 20 km a day and he wasn’t sure he’d have the energy to stick with it.  His experience has been one of increased stamina and endurance.  He has no problem walking all day and then going for a WOD.  This past year he’s seen improvements with his weight lifting, eating and the benefit of dropping 20 lbs himself.
 CFK has become such an integral part of our day.  We both look forward to going at our respective times and always appreciate a Saturday morning WOD together.

Today’s WOD

Dynamic squats – 3sec descent, 2 sec pause, fast ascent.

Rest; 2 min between sets

Warm up:

8@Bar, 6@30%, 3@40%, 3@60%


3@68%, 3@70%, 3@70%, 3@73%, 3@73%

For time:


HPC @ 135/95

Burpees over the bar

Coaches Tips:  once you’re done your HPC, drop the bar and go on burpees



August 22nd, 2015


Today’s WOD

In teams of 2 – 30min AMRAP

Partner 1- 400m Run

Partner 2- AMRAP Hang Power Clean & Jerk 135/95


Partner 1- 400m Run

Partner 2- AMRAP Back Squats from the ground 135/95


Partner 1- 400m Run

Partner 2- AMRAP Row for Calories. 1 calorie=1 rep


Partner 1- 400m Run

Partner 2- AMRAP Burpees


Coaches Tips: Each partner completes each part once and then moves on to the next part. Once you complete all 4 parts start back with part 1. Score is total reps. Just keep moving!