Joanne – Owner/Operations/Kids Program Developer & Coach

I have been involved in athletics my entire life. Growing up, I was very shy so sports( especially running and gymnastics )gave me the confidence to slowly help bring me out of my shell.  I joined a Gym at 16 and at 18 I entered my first body building competition. Immersed in this world of fitness it just seemed natural to devote my time to helping others get stronger and fitter so I began working in various gyms and homes as a Personal Trainer. I spent the rest of my teen years  to late twenties competing in bodybuilding and fitness competitions. After countless hours of bicep curls and leg extensions, targeting every muscle group, weighing, measuring food and calculating every calorie, I finally reached a burnout point and traded in the bicep curls for a former love: running, which would eventually lead me to triathlons. My cardio-respiratory system was getting conditioned but I realized after being away from weight-lifting that my body started to feel weak and imbalanced. I discovered CrossFit in 2007 and I have never looked back. I was brought to my knees after my first WOD and was hooked. I’ve been exposed to many different training methods over the years and nothing compares to the effectiveness and efficiency of CrossFit. I believed so much in the CrossFit methodologies, I followed my dream of opening up a training studio and  opened up CrossFit Kitchener in June 2009 with my husband, Lance. In early 2012 I obtained my CrossFit Kids certification and that Fall we launched our Kids program with 9 wonderful kids(2 were my own ; ) Our kids program img_0216quickly grew and my passion for coaching kids grew along with it.   In 2013 we took a leap of faith and expanded our gym and opened up another location which allowed me to focus my time and attention on developing and growing our youth programs which also included Family Fit,  Girl Power for special needs girls, youth at risk programs, school programs including home school groups, birthday and team parties, kids triathlon workshops, run groups, and camps (PD day, March Break and Summer Camps, ). Fast Forward to 2017 and I feel so fortunate and blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing people who have inspired me and taught me so many things over the years especially the hundreds of kids  including my own  who I have had the honour and pleasure to teach.  I feel fortunate to witness the life altering changes I have seen in my members and the strong sense of community we have at CFK  3-2-1-GO!!!


CrossFit Level 1 Certified
CrossFit Gymnastics Certified
Agatsu Barbell Certified
Can-Fit-Pro Pre and Post Natal
Community Triathlon Coach – National Coaching Certification Program
CrossFit Kids Certified


Canadian Fitness Championships 2x Silver Medalist (a long time ago)
Ironman 70.3 World Championships (a few years ago)
2x Boston Marathon Finisher PB – 3:13 ( 2008/2009)
Wipeout Canada Contestant (a devastating and funny story)
Giving birth to my precious daughters, Kate and Beth (Best achievement of all!)

Lance IMLP 2004– Owner/Operations/Coach

Twenty years ago, I discovered running and immediately developed an obsession that completely steered me away from any strength training whatsoever. Over the years, I’ve competed in over 100 races including 10 marathons with a PB of 2:52 at the 2003 Philadelphia Marathon and 4 Ironman Triathlons with a PB of 10:31 at 2004 Ironman Lake Placid.

I started noticing that muscle atrophy was setting in and realized that I had to start strength training again. I went back to the regular isolation, bodybuilding type exercises but I didn’t enjoy it, so it never stuck. I started looking for something different and that’s when I discovered CrossFit …I was immediately hooked!

Through CrossFit you will obtain complete all around fitness! I have not found anything else out there that can compare to this style of training.


CrossFit Level 1
Agatsu Kettlebell Level 1
CrossFit Olympic Lifting
Agatsu Barbell Certification
Community Triathlon Coach – National Coaching Certification Program

Lars – Coach/Programmer


Starting CrossFit in 2007, I was an early adopter to the program. The ideas and principles just made since to me, and the product itself worked. It started me down a different path of fitness than I had previously been on. It was better rounded and was truly all encompassing. With an emphasis on wellness, fitness, and health (both mentally and physically) it made a lot of since. All though life, goals and priorities change over time going back to those basics time and time again you can’t go wrong. Once those pieces are truly embedded and a part of your essence and being you’ll live a life full of true wellness.crossfit-select-820


As a father of 2, and working full time as a firefighter, fitness is very important to me and is one of my top values. Without fitness/wellness in my life I feel as though everything else wouldn’t be as stable. It is the base for all things good in my life. It provides me with the energy, drive and discipline required to keep all things in balance.


As a coach, my priorities are focused around people doing things safely, correctly and making sure they enjoy themselves. I know that if people are having fun and working hard they’ll continue to do it, and will see positive results. Training should improve your day to day life and make an impact on how you look, and feel. It needs to be a priority in your life in order to be successful, and a well-balanced nutrition profile will take you to the next level.img_0210


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Olympic Certified
  • OPEX – Program Design Level 1
  • OPEX – Athlete Assessment Level 1
  • OPEX – Lifestyle Coaching Level 1
  • OPEX – Nutrition Level 1
  • OPEX – Business Planning Level 1
  • Agatsu Barbell Certified
  • ACE certified “Peer Fitness Trainer”



  • 2008 Ontario CrossFit Challenge Champion
  • 2008 Canadian “Total” 2ndplace
  • 2010  CrossFit Regional qualifier and competitor
  • 2010, 2011, 2012 Firepower Team Champion
  • 2011 Oktoberfest 5k Clydesdale 2ndplace
  • 2011 CrossFit  Regional qualifier and top 15 finisher
  • 2012 CrossFit Regional Team Qualifier competitor
  • 2012 Optathlon Competitor 7th place
  • 2013 Optathlon Competitor 7th place


 Paul T – Olympic Lifting Coach

Having come to my passion for fitness only recently, one could say that I am an anomaly.  I very quickly became bored and frustrated with the regular gym mentality (solitary, isolation movements).

With a previous history that could have been described as spotty at best, I could easily have given up on fitness once again.  But it was not a lack of commitment, but rather focus, drive and noticeable results from my many hours at the gym that was missing.  Upon starting this steep climb through insanity that we’re all on I could almost immediately see the improvement in myself, both physically and emotionally.

Crossfit has brought a true and lasting passion into my life, and sharing that with others is one of my greatest pleasures.  Because it’s more than a fitness program, it’s a way of life that makes us all better as people.


Crossfit Level 1 Certification
NCCP Olympic Weightlifting Certification
NCCP Community Level Coach for Athletes with Special Needs Certification
Catalyst Athletics Certified Weightlifting Coach Level 1


competed at the 2010 Crossfit Regionals

Pat (aka Murf) – Coach/ DryLand Training

I grew up playing sports, minor hockey and school team sports.  Competition – I loved it, win, lose or draw.  I had great coaches and teachers that left a good impression.  Those early years molded me.
At 28 I joined Ron Day’s Kitchener Kicks.  I rose through the ranks and achieved a Black Sash in Kung Fu.  I did the tournament circuit throughout Ontario for many years with great success, and in that time gained a lot of experience teaching and coaching, which was quite rewarding.
While training the KW Kodiaks, a Senior A lacrosse team, I heard about Crossfit through their owner.  I found Crossfit Kitchener just opened a few months earlier.  I knew it was what I was looking for, so I joined and love it.
I wasn’t inspired with my own workouts anymore and Crossfit was it.  I decided to take  my Level 1 Cert, and will continue to take more specialty certs.  I’ve been in four Crossfit competitions and I know there is more to come.  I love coaching and helping people succeed.

Bill – Coach


My interest in performance training started at a young age when I began running track. In high-school and through club training I began to specialize in the 400 m hurdles and competed both at the provincial level and on the national stage.  In 2009, I gave crossfit a go and immediately loved it. The philosophhy of working hard in a competitive and friendly environment, kept me motivated and accountable. Two years later, I went for my crossfit L1 and have been continuing my education ever since. I have attended weightlifting seminars run by Demitri Klokov, gymnastics seminars by Carl Paoli and most recently, after finding Gym Jones, I travelled to Salt Lake City to attend two weekend seminars focusing on program design and training philosophy, and have come out with new goals and a new focus. The idea that our mind is primary in order for any of us to achieve growth and success in what we do at the gym.As a trainer, my goal is to provide a product and experience to the members where I hold them accountable day in and day out so that members improve their performance, physical preparedness and overall experience.I look forward to sharing my knowledge and passion with all the members of CFK and our fantastic community


Crossfit level 1img_0213

Gym Jones level 1 Foundations

Gym Jones level 2 Programming and Practical Application

Medical First Responder


OPT – Long term sport of fitness athlete development

Dmitry Klokov Olympic lifting seminar

Carl Paoli Freestyle Connection gymnastics and movement

 Anthony – Coach

From a young age I had an interest in human movement.  Initially this interest meant playing every sport I could fit into my schedule and, then later, led to a career in health and fitness which varies from teaching to ergonomics to police fitness testing.

AnthonyMy introduction to CrossFit may sound familiar.  Years ago, along with my girlfriend Jenn, I signed up for an Introductory Boot Camp at CrossFit Kitchener.  What we thought would last just 4 weeks, turned into something much more.  We are both hooked on the workouts and love the community at CFK.
Whether you are a seasoned Games competitor or just starting CrossFit, everyone can benefit the feedback from a coach while training.  I am happy to provide that guidance and support:  my goal as a trainer is to use my background in Biomechanics to help members develop good motor patterns, thereby improving health and performance.


  • Level 1 CrossFit Certificate – November 2013
  • Certified Exercise Physiologist – Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) since 2007
  • Certified PREP Appraiser (police fitness) – Applicant Testing Services (ATS) since 2007
  • Part-time faculty at Mohawk College – Justice & Wellness Studies

 Phil- Olympic Lifting Coach

“My love for fitness came in a weird way. I started unlike most people do, with a friend nagging me about how great crossfit was when I was back in 10th grade in high school on Manitoulin Island at the ripe age of 15 back in 2009. I cannot believe how much it changed my life for the better and whenever anyone asks me about crossfit I have no problem telling you as much as possible. Athletically the only sport I really stuck with was rugby, playing all 4 years of high school and my first 3 years on the varsity squad at U Waterloo but I have also played a ton of hockey, curling, football, and dabbled in most other sports. I’m currently finishing my undergraduate degree in kinesiology at UW and am interested in pursuing a career in chiropractics.                                                                     img_8084


CrossFit L 1 Certification



  • Canada east regionals 2012 team competitor
  • Canada east regionals 2014 individual competitor
  • Varsity rugby player for U Waterloo for 3 years
  • North shore secondary school rugby champions (4 years)
  • Can cook bacon with my shirt off

Sam- Coach

It took me awhile to sign up for my first CrossFit workout but I finally gave into the urging from friends and family. Once I tried my first couple workouts I was hooked! I grew up in competitive mountain bike racing, racing in various parts of the country representing Team Ontario and Team Canada in National and International events. When I decided to take a step back from racing and focus on school, I had a hard time finding a mode of training that kept my interest. After graduating from the Fitness and Health Promotion program and Conestoga College I started working as a group img_6940-1fitness instructor and personal trainer while beginning CrossFit. My passion for fitness and eagerness to learn lead me to shadowing coaches at CFK and pursing my CrossFit Level 1 while currently continuing my education at the University of Waterloo for a Bachelors Degree in Public Health. I love helping people better their lives through fitness and I love the supportive community aspect that CrossFit brings!


My love for sport and fitness developped throughout my younger years as a competitive gymnast. As soon as I was old enough to coach at the club that I also trained at, I jumped at the opportunity. I found great pride in developing young recreational and competitive gymnasts’ skill sets, setting goals with them and helping them be better every day. This is truly where my love for coaching began. 15 years later, I have worked in a variety of roles including a Kinesiologist in a physiotherapy clinic, a Wellness Consultant in Corporate Fitness/Wellness, an aerobics instructor, a Personal Trainer, an Adult Group Fitness coach and an online nutrition coach. I am extremely excited to be joining Crossfit Kitchener’s coaching staff and working with the amazing community of members.

– Level 1 Crossfit certified
– Level 1 and 2 Kanama Olympic Weightlifting certification
– BSc. Kinesiology (University of Waterloo)
– Fitness Instructor Specialist (CanFit Pro)
– Emergency Medical Responder (Canadian Red Cross)


Andrew Lefler


“Likes to throw flat round objects and lift heavyish things”.

I have always been involved in fitness throughout my life. I started playing and coaching basketball when I was young, which changed to Ultimate Frisbee after high school. Since then, I have been competing on the National stage as a Player Coach/ Captain for Maverick, KW’s competitive open team.                                                           

My journey into weight training came after a knee injury prevented  me from playing. I used it to assist my recovery, and accelerate my return to sport. The weight training quickly became sport specific training, and eventually evolved into CrossFit. When I found CrossFit, I was all in and haven’t looked back. I went through CrossFit Kitchener’s Apprenticeship Program before obtaining my CrossFit Level 1.img_0334

When I’m not at the gym coaching or working out, I work as a Registered Massage Therapist and Full Body Active Release Technique Provider at Dearborn Health in Waterloo. I utilize my knowledge of anatomy and body mechanics to assist me in focusing on movement quality and promoting proper patterns with all athletes.


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFit Scaling

Registered Massage Therapist

Full Body Active Release Technique Provider


RockTape Fascial Movement Taping

Courtney- StrongHer Bootcamp Coach/CFK Social Media Extraordinaire

 I’m a mom of 2, a competitive powerlifter and a recreational CrossFitter…but I haven’t always been that way. While I was pregnant I gained over 100+ pounds during pregnancy which left me some where around 320lbs at my heaviest.  Along my fitness journey I fell in love with lifting & training and began taking the steps to to helping others find their love for fitness and I truly enjoy what I do.

screen-shot-2017-01-11-at-2-43-06-pm About 5 years ago I began teaching group cycling at many of the local health clubs. This evolved over the years from cycling to group fitness and then into CrossFit and Powerlifting. I couldn’t be happier with how my fitness “career” has evolved and I feel at home with CrossFit and Powerlifting.


  • CrossFit Level 1(Feb ’15)
  • Schwinn Indoor Cycling (Aug ’13)
  • CanFit Pro Group Fitness (April ’14)
  • Certified Boxing Fitness Instructor (Boxing By Syd Vanderpool)
  • CPR & First Aid

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