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The Zingers May 2015
This is our family at the start of our CrossFit journey; Tim, Kristin (me), Sophie (big sister) and Ellie. (Jays Picture – Sept 2013)
CrossFit has been a part of our lives for almost 2 years. Tim joined CrossFit Kitchener in September 2013 and at the same time, we launched into a paleo lifestyle. He started when our girls were 2 and 4. CFK quickly became one of his favourite places to be and he felt “off” if he missed too many days. ‎
In the early months, Tim came home and used our girls as weight bars and shared the lifts from that night’s WOD. He started coming home talking about PBs and was so excited for each new skill learned and level achieved. 
(winter picture, vic park, Oct 2013) ‎
Early on, our oldest daughter would go to the gym for warm-ups and watch him workout. She fell in love with CrossFit. 
By Spring of 2014 Tim was down at least 35 pounds. ‎I took pictures of Tim at one of his ball games, his Mother couldn’t even believe it was him. ‎ We went as a family to the McClennan Park WOD, lead by Coach Mark. Both girls kept up as best they could alongside all the participants.
After a busy baseball season (with three of us playing and one of us coaching)… we find ourselves at September 2014. With a combination of Paleo eating and CrossFit, Tim has changed tremendously. (side by side year apart picture, family picture bridge stratford Oct 2014)
 I had yet to embark on a CrossFit journey, but had successfully lost 25 pounds. Our girls desperately wanted to be CrossFitters. Sophie went to a trial CrossFit Kids class and loved it. Sadly,  attending came down to a scheduling conflict. The kids were already enrolled in dance. Changing everything would have been a little complicated. 
And then… FamilyFit! The class was introduced in late September and it meant both girls (and I) could join CrossFit! I was nervous to start, having never lifted a weight bar or done wall walks or box jumps… all foreign. Let me tell you… the classes are perfect. Not easy, but exactly the right combination of hard work and fun. I find the WOD is hard enough that my muscles ache, but nothing is too complicated for my Ellie who is only four. We’re participating in our 3rd session right now and have joined Run Club too. 
You have to see our tiny but mighty six year old Sophie. She is incredibly strong and can push a prowler with 15 pounds on it down that turf at Mill St, all by herself. She can wall walk, do knee raises, cargo climb, plank, skip and run. She amazes me every class. 
Ellie, has really come into her gross motor skills and is getting better at listening to Coach Jo. She’s mastered a two foot, four plate box jump, loves mountain climbers and rowing. 
Tim is constantly challenging himself and we couldn’t be more proud. We have watched him compete in two Friday night intramurals. All the participants are amazing – but of course, he’s our (my) favourite. He completed his first 5k in December and surpassed his time goal. He’s given up beer twice when trying to get over a plateau. 
It’s hard to list personal achievements. I can say I used to wear an extra-large and now am in a medium. The joint pain I had in my knees is a thing of the past. I can carry both my kids (40 and 36 pounds) at the same time. I can do all the things my kids can do.

‎We don’t own a scale – so I can not confirm numerically what sort of changes we have seen exactly to date, but I recommend judging improvements by what you see and feel. We didn’t set out on a mission to lose an exact number of pounds and didn’t do a weigh in the day we started or take before pictures. We just went for it, trying to be the healthiest, fittest versions of ourselves. 

I find it has been a challenging road, getting to where we are now, but all worth it. The family at CrossFit Kitchener is supportive and welcoming. You can go to any gym in the city and workout alongside a bunch of people. What you should do, is workout alongside a bunch of people who are cheering you on with each rep, round and drop of sweat.
Our family is for sure 100% Stronger Fitter and Faster! 
The Zingers
Rick – Sept 24, 2014

Rick running

Since Crossfit Kitchener first opened at the King Street location, I’ve dabbled infrequently in the work-outs, mostly for a little variety from my main focus of triathlon training. Over the past few years I could tell, as proved by my times, that my running was really starting to deteriorate. Strength, endurance, cadence, posture & fluidity just seemed to be going the way of the Dodo, and I was telling myself that age was the primary culprit. I kept hoping that my usual training regime would be able to at least slow down the rate of my declining abilities.

Not through some grand design, I started to hit the WODs more consistently since the beginning of August. Well much to my surprise, after a few weeks, I started to feel some of the old strength & fluidity back in my running stride. I could also feel that I was carrying myself in a powerful, high position rather than a slouching, weak posture. I don’t know if I’m running any faster, but it sure feels great to have that feeling of strength & fluidity back in my stride. The only difference in my recent activity has been the Crossfit work-outs, so I’m pretty sure the credit must go there. Perhaps Crossfit really is an appropriate name after all.



Michael – May 9, 2014
I am 13 classes in at Borden since finishing fundamentals and I absolutely love CrossFit. I am already starting to notice a huge difference in myself overall. I have more energy, I can work in a squat position for an extended period of time without feeling sore afterwards, even putting on my socks in the morning and tying my shoes has become easier! (as embarrassing as that could sound, haha)IMG_7930

I went from basically doing nothing less than two months ago – I didn’t belong to any gym or running group or even regularly play any rec sports – and the progression and scaled workouts with CrossFit have made it easier to build my strength, endurance and stamina at a pace that my body can handle and respond well to. Sure it’s difficult, it’s not supposed to be easy, but it’s difficult for everyone. During a workout I am usually sandwiched between someone who is aged 60+ and/or fresh out of fundamentals, or someone seemingly training to be an Olympian! We all leave with the same sense of accomplishment and are quick to exchange a “job well done” to each other. It’s reassuring to know that you’re not required to reach a certain level or benchmark in order to participate and feel like you belong, regardless of age, sex or skill level.

I try to make it to 4-5 classes per week, that’s 4-5 hours per week, 16-20 hours per month, 208-260 hours per year. When I look at it that way, the excuse of “I don’t have time” doesn’t hold any weight (pun intended). I’m trying to work CrossFit into my daily routine, and offering a flexible schedule with several options throughout the day definitely helps.

I am interested to see what my personal results will be after 1 year!

Many thanks,
Michael Guil

 I grew up on a farm, and had hard-working parents as role models. They stood tall and walked ‘smartly’. Mom passed at 89 and Dad at 93. I am thankful for good genes. Also, my body is God’s temple; thus I need to care for it.

            During my ‘working’ years I was pretty regular at exercising (Crossfit warm-ups) each morning and walked about 6 km a day…most days of the week.

            Since retiring in 2007 I just couldn’t motivate myself to ‘exercise’ anymore, so my activity was walking and cycling in the summer and skiing in the winter. I tried a typical gym for a few months…hated it…was a guest at another big gym..boring.

            As my big seven-O approached this past October, I felt winter-walking would be too risky and wondered what I could do during the winter. At about the same time I noticed an article about Crossfit Kitchener in the Waterloo Region Record. My husband and I dropped in on a Saturday morning but the intense activity and loud music scared us away. Fortunately, and in spite of this, I emailed Joanne, told her my age and asked if there were any members in that age category. In her response she invited me to come to an appointment to learn about what was offered. I was very excited about what I was told and what I saw. Such a variety of things to do.

            On Ramp training began with Joanne and Dianne. I was thrilled with how carefully they explained and demonstrated the workouts. I felt quite clumsy and uncoordinated but they were so kind and encouraging, and most important, I felt safe doing the movements with their help and guidance. By the end of On-Ramp and one-month free membership I was already stronger and not so fearfull of hurting myself. There was no question in my mind as to whether I should become a member. I loved it.

            For the past four months I have attended two to three classes each week. It’s been a real learning curve. It only took one class to know I need not be scared of Pauly, but that he was patient and totally helpful, motivating and encouraging, as are Lance and Lars. What’s not to like about having a personal trainer for every class.

            I could barely do two push-ups when I started On-Ramp and now I’m so impressed with how many I do, and how strong I have become, whether it’s lifting, throwing, skipping…muscle gained and five pounds lost without dieting. Everyone in this gym is friendly and helpful including the members in class.

            My goal is to have more faith in what I can do…and try it.

            With Crossfit, ‘Zoomers’ can be stronger, fitter and faster.”

ELISE, Ultrarunner and Miss April in the 2012 Women of CrossFit Kitchener Calendar, has survived one year at CF Kitchener.

Exactly one year ago, I walked into CrossFit Kitchener for the first time. Back then, I was running 10km a day without improving my time for the past 5 years and was eating pastas every single meal. I was thin and flexible, but I had no strength at all. That day was a week after the Around The Bay road race (30km) and I could honestly not walk for an entire week after the race. When I walked into CFK I had one goal in mind: to run my first 50km within 7 months. I met Art and Pauly for the first time and I got started the following day with Art for my first personal training session. I did my first Tabata WOD by putting my knees down for the push-ups and jumping on a box for the pulls-ups. Shortly after, I did my first Filthy Fifties and I just could not get through the burpees. Doing 50 was way too much, I had to break them down by 5. I was also struggling to do pretty much all the lifts at 35 pounds…really! I could tell I wasn’t very good at this, but I really liked the atmosphere and the people. It was much different than running alone with the i-pod on. So I kept going back, again and again and even more. I noticed that I was recovering very quickly from my long runs and achieved the 50km goal within 5 weeks…. and made it all the way to 100km within 3 months (thanks to Pauly who paced me for the last 20km)! Exactly one year later, none of my working suits fit me anymore as my shoulders are now too wide. I can manage all the lifts at 65-75pounds, I have my push-ups, can do a lot of burpees unbroken, can do “leg” WODs with an extra 27 pounds on and, the best of all, I Rx’d “Helen” this week with all those pulls-ups! I also pay more attention to my diet and I’m now craving red meat, veggies and proteins. Since I’ve been running, the doctors were always finding in my blood tests that I was missing important nutrients. Now, for the first time in 6 years, all my blood tests are good! Finally, I took 3 months off from running during the winter and the only training I did was CrossFit. I was a little anxious to see if I could run again after such a long break. The day I started running again, I ran 30km; Day 7 I did 50km and Day 14 I did 60km. I still can’t believe it! My first year at CFK was awesome, I’m sure the second one will be even better. And every time I don’t feel like doing a WOD, I’m always thinking “Come on….the people are so cool, just go and it will be good fun!”. Special thanks to all the trainers!

BERT on Lifting Class
“Lifting Class”…. You say it in your mind a few times and it sounds simple, almost mundane… Not the kind of “class” you would want to rouse yourself from bed for on a Sunday morning…
This is what I thought the first time I attended a Lifting Class with Paul T.

In retrospect I realize how wrong I was…

The regular CrossFit classes have you pumping the reps out as fast as you can, gasping for air and (in my case) laying on the floor afterwards trying not to faint while the real athletes come over and high five my limp fist.
This is great most of the time, but now and then it is really helpful to focus a little more on form and technique and a little less on reps. This is where Lifting Class comes in.
It is about expanding your mobility, perfecting the movement and not the amount of weight lifted. It naturally follows from this that any individual can lift more, and more effectively when they master the movement. 
This is where Paul T comes in. He isn’t just good looking! The guy knows his stuff when it comes to Olympic Lifts. Through his teachings I have managed to progress from abysmal to semi-competent and, perhaps in another year or two, almost half decent.
All joking aside, I have had several “ah hah” moments with Paul and I look forward to getting better and better. 
Lifting class is a great way to start your Sunday and I highly recommend it to anyone. 

Dianne, aka “Di” or “D” to me turned 50 March 23, 2012. I met “D” over 8 years ago and with open arms she welcomed me into the triathlon community the same way she makes everybody who walks into CFK feel part of our community. To say that she goes above and beyond is an understatement! Dianne has been part of CFK since before we opened the doors in 2009. She has always been there for Lance and I, supporting us and believing in us every step of the way. This woman has a huge heart and I feel so blessed to have Dianne as a friend. Thank-you for all you do “D”!! Happy 50th!!

Crossfit has been berry berry good to me. 🙂

No, seriously folks. I’ve been pretty active for most of my life: initially due to the fact that my parents were avid skiers, players of tennis, golfers/duffers and outdoorsy-people; and then later because I married an uber-fit guy that encouraged me to get into running, which is like death to me (still is), and eventually triathlons (at least swimming and biking helped even the field for me). Our day always revolves around whatever workout we’ll be doing – that’s just always been our priority.

So when Lance and Jo started telling me about this new workout regime that had them gasping for air and not being able to walk for days I was all in. What was this new-fangled exercise system that had this Ironman and, let’s face it, goddess all a-twitter? I just had to give it a try. I’ll admit that I initially did a lot of “cherry-picking”, avoiding those heavy lifting days and things like snatches and jerks. Not for this “go in a straight line at the same pace forever” girl. After all, I didn’t want to build up too much muscle and make running even more of a challenge!

Fast forward a couple of years and here I am facing half a century – phew! The lifts are coming – thanks to the great coaching from da boyz (“Pocketz!”). I’ve also realized that I need to do a lot more work to keep from losing that muscle mass I was so afraid of building up.

CrossFit is IT! Da bomb; better than sliced bread…or lean turkey for that matter (for all you paleo fans out there). Can’t say enough about the camaraderie that is created by all of us looking at the whiteboard and saying among ourselves, “Who comes up with this s#it?”, and yet we always go on to surprise ourselves with our accomplishments.

To Lance and Jo – you’ve created something very special in CrossFit Kitchener – can’t thank-you enough for letting me be part of your vision.



I joined Crossfit Kitchener because my sister had joined one and loves it. The change in her body, in the 6 months since she joined, was amazing! I decided I too needed to make a change. Now the problem with that is that I have never been very athletic and, especially since I had my children, I needed even more help!! 
So I purposely went in one day to see a class in action AND it didn`t look too hard. I met with Joanne and Dianne and they were both so inspiring and friendly. After talking to them for a while I decided to get off the couch and join. I would have to say, that was probably the best money I have ever spent! I came away from the first class totally impressed with what I could do. Don`t get me wrong, it was hard but so energizing. The progress I started seeing was absolutely amazing and I am doing things I never thought I could do. I am so excited everyday to be pushed a little harder!
Also important to mention is the people who belong to Crossfit Kitchener really are a community of wonderful and helpful people; everyone is so friendly and encouraging. It makes it fun when you know we are all there for the same thing … a great workout!

Since finishing my Boot Camp, I have lost 12 pounds and 15 inches!! Woohoo!! I honestly never thought I would say, “I look forward to going to workout!”, but the truth is I really do. So I would like to thank everyone at Crossfit Kitchener for making me believe in myself again!!


A tribute to the people and process of Crossfit: Crossfit saved my life.
When I started attending Crossfit classes just over a year ago I was using physio to fix my shoulder, elbow and knee. I still hadn’t regained my strength and stamina after I donated a kidney to one of my brothers in 2007 and as a result I was getting fat, in chronic pain, and becoming inactive.
I was inspired to join Crossfit after seeing my son progress over the previous summer from a skinny kid to a fit, well muscled young man. While in Sault Ste. Marie for a summer job, he did the WODs on his own at Catalyst Athletic and Crossfit. His summer long efforts culminated in 2 “muscle ups” the day he left town to come home. I was hooked on his success.
Over the years I had discovered jogging and weight training for fun and fitness. I liked the intensity of my workouts and feeling strong and fit. I pushed myself to a high level of fitness before the kidney operation. I had no idea how long the recuperation would be but even a couple years later I didn’t have the stamina to do an hour long workout like I’d been in the habit of doing. And my injuries were becoming more chronic resulting in physio treatments several times a week. I realized I was in a cycle of exercise, injury, physio treatment and recuperation only to see it happen over again. And those were with trainer led workouts making sure my form was correct. Between my skiing knee injury and only 1 kidney, I resigned myself to never running again. My doctors had warned me against getting dehydrated – always a risk in running or sports in hot weather.
I took a chance with the classes in Crossfit – I was in pain and I struggled with all the moves. But as I continued I realized that my shoulder and knee pain was not worsening and in fact I was improving slowly. It was helpful that the exercises were scaleable and being in a group meant that I was getting caught up in everyone’s enthusiasm and energy. I realized that while the wods are (usually) intense, they are usually no more than 15-20 minutes. I can cope with that duration. Slowly I got stronger and slimmer. For example now I can do pullups, pushups and squats proficiently with little or no joint discomfort. Any physio I do now is about improving my range of motion.
Crossfit is FUN. Doing the prowler push, pulling a sled, climbing  the cargo net and rope, or anything outdoors is terrific. And it gives me bragging rights such “The Murph” on Remembrance Day! I still find it hard to believe that I did it,  – 1 mile Run, 100 Pullups, 200 Pushups, 300 Squats, 1 Mile Run – much less show up the the next morning for the Saturday wod! Running the 5 km time trial last fall was an awesome accomplishment. It was so easy that it took a while to sink in that it had been years since I had run 5 km.  In October (with very little preparation) I completed 85 kms in the 100 km Tour de Hans bike race, before my body seized up. I couldn’t have done this well without Crossfit. Today I can do most of the moves. As I’ve recorded my times or weights I’ve seen progress in my times and weights. My shoulder, elbow and knee pain has subsided and I feel better and stronger than I have in years.
The professionals at Dearborn Health in Waterloo and Eric Wood at Physiofitness Cambridge have been a tremendous help in overcoming my injuries and range of motion limitations.
I appreciate the efforts of Joanne and Lance, Pauly, Dianne, Paul, Lars, Art, Murph, and Glenda in making Crossfit Kitchener a successful organization. To my fellow crossfitters – a high five and “Good Job”!
Fitness is my sport – I am so happy to carry, catch, climb, jump, lift, pull, push, row, run, skip, squat, throw and walk.

My before picture (left) I am 189.5 and the after (right) picture I am 170.5

Crossfit has been really good to me. The people and the atmosphere are great. You crave the pain and the hard work lets you feel great about yourself. I try to convince everyone I know to join or try it. Even my girlfriend Tricia needed some convincing when she first started and once she did she has been hooked. People always see Crossfit and say “I can’t do that” or “there is no way” but the best part is once you get to the gym, everyone there tells you “you can”. After hearing about the Whole30 in November last year it really interested me, another challenge. I wanted to try it because I wasn’t happy with the weight that I was (not playing soccer at the level I had been was really hurting me). Tricia and I decided that November wouldn’t be a good time for us to start the program and needed a little bit more prep time so we started in January. I lost 20 pounds last month and I’ve never felt better. First day back to real world food we dove into some “not-so-Whole30” foods and honestly it hurt mentally. The whole time I was eating I was saying, “This isn’t Whole30”. It doesn’t just change what you eat for 30 days, it changes how you want to eat for the rest of your life. The ultra reset button. If there is one thing I can say about Crossfit and the Whole30 it’s that they are contagious in the best ways possible.

I’ve always considered myself to be an athlete. All through high school I played on almost every varsity team and played competitive soccer until I was 18. Once I started college and working 5-6 nights a week I found myself in a slump where I was eating more, and doing little, to no exercise. My boyfriend Shane suggested I come to Crossfit Kitchener and after a bit of convincing he finally got me to join. With such a hectic school and work schedule I try my best to make it 2-3 times a week. Crossfit has changed my life in only positive ways. After every painful WOD I only feel good about the new goals I set for myself and when I will accomplish them. For the month of November 2011 the gym suggested doing the Whole30 and after looking it over I told myself there was NO way I could eat like that still living at home and always having temptations staring me in the face, but it was the thought of actually setting that goal, and achieving it that made me think otherwise. Shane and I discussed with our families how badly we wanted to be able to accomplish this! So for the month of January we bought our own groceries, prepped all our food a day or two in advance and ate new things, some of the freshest, most delicious food possible. While doing the Whole30 not only did I change how I was eating but it has completely changed how I think about food. Shane and I both feel great, it would be harder now to go back to eating the way we had before the Whole30 then it was to start the Whole30. Big thanks to the Crossfit family at CF Kitchener! I can’t wait to see future results!


Fitness has always been important for both Malcom and I. We used to train together, then came the babies….there was a pause in my fitness life, with being a working mom.  Soon enough, I started venturing back in search of the “perfect” gym.  Goodlife…check, got bored of the same stuff over and over. Zumba…check, super fun, dance your heart out for an hour, but that’s it! No major improvement in muscle training. Bootcamps…check, but the trainers were never the same, so inconsistency was frustrating.  Yes, I even tried pole dancing and made it to level 2! This time there was no improvement in cardio. 

Malcom noticed a (couch potato) friend mention “crossfit” on his facebook, looked it up in our area and got us signed up.  Like everyone else the first few visits were murder, but the warm friendly atmosphere, super supportive trainers and the motivation from everyone was really what sold me! 

Nothing in life is easy, but it’s the choices we make or excuses we use that will determine our future.  Still with lots to learn and improvements to be made, I WILL determine my future!

At our one year mark, I am proud to be a “Crossfitter” and a “Whole 30” graduate!  With too many of you to list and how each one of you have either said something encouraging, assisted me on tips or taken the time to show me how to “try”, a BIG thanks to my Crossfit FAMILY!!!

Oh, and one more thing…MURF – I’M LISTENING!!!!


It’s been about 7 months now since I first stepped foot into CrossFit Kitchener and did a trial WOD… I thought I was going to die that night. I was the last to finish and it felt awesome having everyone else cheering me on to finish the WOD, as I honestly did not think I was going to complete it. I loved the support of everyone around and if it were not for that I would have never come back. Today I am 50+ lbs lighter and have gone from couch potato to hooked on crossfit and suffer withdrawal symptoms if I miss 2 or more days in a row.

 I had tried following a paleo diet after being informed of it during the bootcamp but found myself going back to the processed foods and junk until a few months ago when we did the Whole30 Challenge. It really opened my eyes as to what goes into processed foods and the value of eating whole foods. I decided this was the perfect time to get started with healthier eating. The CFK Facebook page for the Whole30 Challenge is/was a great place to share tips, recipes, pictures and provides so much support during the challenge as the first few weeks are tough to get through, but on the bright side it only got better from there.  I am still eating paleo about 90% of the time with a few cheat days here and there — I am looking forward to the next 30 day challenge starting Feb 1st.


Prior to joining Crossfit Kitchener in August 2010 I was 250 lbs, the heaviest of my life, and was about to turn 50 years old. Getting up every morning was a chore which was very disheartening. My knees ached and taking the first few steps to head downstairs was always slow and painful. It was depressing because not that long ago, in the mid 90’s, I was a pretty good runner who weighed 175 lbs. At the time I was competing in 10K races and marathons, then I suffered a couple of injuries; one to my left knee and another to my back which both required surgery. After my back surgery the surgeon told me never to run again. So I listened to him and watched my weight steadily climb higher and higher.

In ’98 I joined a large chain gym with the goal of getting myself back into shape. With very little instruction I dived into a fitness routine. I did the same workouts each week with modest intensity over a period of 12 years. I did see some progress at different times however, it was always short lived and I never came close to achieving my goals.

I was looking for something different and in August of last year my son mentioned that Crossfit might be good for me. My goal was just to complete the bootcamp then I would go back to my old gym and my old workout routine. Crossfit was just going to be a temporary diversion; or so I thought.

I really enjoyed the bootcamp and for the first time I was exposed to very knowledgeable instructors who taught me the proper technique required for each movement. In a very short time, and with a few changes to my eating habits, I started to see some results which motivated me even more. When the bootcamp was over I had a decision to make as to whether or not to join the regular classes. At first I thought that perhaps because of my age and limitations with some of the movements that Crossfit might be over my head. I then recalled what Art said to us one night, “to embrace the suckiness. If you are not as good as you want to be at something don’t avoid it, embrace it and you will improve”. I decided at that point to put Art’s words into action. I am really glad that I did, as I could not imagine my life today without Crossfit.

I have now been a member for one year and my results have been fantastic. Within 6 months I lost 51 lbs and have kept it off. My waist size has gone from a 42 to a 33. My body fat went from 27% to 13.5%. Clothes that I had given up on wearing a long time ago, because they were too tight, are now way too big for me.

Even though the physical transformation has been terrific what I really enjoy is how I feel. I’ve tried to explain it to other people from time to time but it’s a difficult thing to describe. It’s simply an “enhanced state of well being” in all aspects of my life. I sleep better and wake up easier. I have greater clarity and focus regarding the issues that I deal with at work. As well, I handle pressure much better now than prior to Crossfit. My knees no longer ache. The swelling that I use to have in them is gone and I can do whatever I want without any pain. I feel like this is the person that I was meant to be. My body at 50 is a lot more functional than it was at 40 and I am enjoying every minute of it.

One of the best surprises as a result of Crossfit is that I am now back running again. I participated in 3 events this summer with more to come. I thought that this part of my life was over but due to Crossfit I no longer have to stand on the sidelines and watch. I can stay competitive regardless of my age. I now train as an athlete and reap the benefits in my daily life.

So how does Crossfit facilitate such great results? First of all the other members are very inspiring and supportive. Going through gruelling workouts as a group really builds camaraderie with the other members. To hear encouragement from others while you are in the middle of a tough WOD (workout of the day) really helps push you through it. In a very short time you get to know many members and working out with people who are passionate about fitness really helps you stay committed.

Secondly, the workouts are always varied and you don’t have to plan them. At my old gym I planned my own workouts and completed them in isolation. The mistakes that I made were that my workouts fell into a routine and I avoided exercises that I wasn’t very good at. I realize now that this will stall your progress. The great thing about Crossfit is that I don’t know the workout until the night before when it’s posted on the web site. I do know that whatever it is it will be challenging and will push me to new levels of performance. Each workout can be scaled to whatever fitness level a person is at so everyone gets a great workout.

Finally, our trainers are outstanding. They have always been there for me since my first night of bootcamp. They review each of the movements in the WOD prior to the workout so that you can be sure of your technique. They are always available should you have any questions regarding workouts, nutrition or anything else. They encourage and motivate you for better performance each day. They realize that everyone is at a different fitness level and they adjust their coaching to each specific person. All they ask is that you give your best, whatever that is for you, while you are there.

Now that I have been at Crossfit Kitchener for a year I can honestly say that it will work for anyone, regardless of their fitness level or age. My results have been very satisfying but they are within reach of anyone who is ready to make a change. Crossfit has greatly improved my life in a very short time. It continues to challenge me every time I’m there. There are still lots of movements that I need to work at but I appreciate the things that I can do and will continue to work on the things I can’t. I do know that I will never go back to the person I was before Crossfit because there was no future there.

This past weekend I have done things that I would never have thought I would ever accomplish, I competed with over 50 other women in the Crossfit Ontario Sectionals. It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. Plus, it has made me realize how much more I want to be able to accomplish, both physically and mentally. Next year I hope to be able to make it to the next stage!

I have been active for about 5 years, but when I came to Crossfit Kitchener 9 months ago, the drive and the expectations of myself grew as well. This gym is phenomenonal! The programming of the workouts is always varied, so you never get bored. The trainers and the other members are always pushing you to try harder, go faster and be better. I love the atmosphere and the motivation that comes for working out with all these different levels of people. I never thought I would ever have a favourite workout (Fight Gone Bad – ask about it, it ROCKS!), that gives me butterflies every time I see it come up. These butterflies are nerves because I know its going to be hard. But the accomplishment of beating my previous score is what makes the butterflies completely worth it! That and the round of high fives at the end of a workout!

I thought I was fairly fit before coming to Crossfit (I did triathalons and boxed). Joining this gym has proven to me that I can always be fitter. Fairly fit meant nothing though, when I couldn’t help my husband moving the heavy things around the house. Crossfit movements are movements that you use in your everyday life, which not only help when your working out, but also at home with picking things up, going up and down stairs and things like that. That’s what this place is all about, helping with regular functional movements. The trainers are all about form and completing the movements properly, that way you can never hurt yourself. The trainers are what make this place work. They are there to give advice in training, and also other areas if you ask. Since coming to this gym, we’ve done some really cool challenges (100 days of burpees and also Paleo), which have helped me lose some weight and tone up. I feel absolutely fantastic!

This gym has been amazing to me. I am so happy to belong to a gym that cares about you as a person, as well as an athlete. I want everyone to try it out! Everyone should come and try the first class… Its free! Hopefully you love it as much as I do!


Above in the green is Jason McNichol prior to joining CrossFit. Pictured below in the pool is Jason with his daughter; 5 months into CrossFit and nearly 80 lbs lighter. Below is Jason’s testimonial. If this doesn’t inspire you, nothing will.“My journey began Dec 29th 2010 when I walked into Crossfit Kitchener not really knowing what to expect. I wanted to ask some questions and see what the atmosphere was like. I was greeted by Lance and right away I knew this was going to be cool. Lance explained to me what CFK was all about and that a bootcamp started Jan 3rd. When I walked into bootcamp Jan 3rd I was 6’5 335 lbs feeling exhausted both mentally and physically, if you want to know the truth I was a little embarrassed. Embarrassed from the stand point at how far I had let myself, my wife and two little girls down having ZERO energy. Then the Lars factor began this guy was built like a Mac Truck it was clear he had just a little passion in regards to physical fitness. Bootcamp kicked my butt I was on the 3 day a week schedule. Just when I started to get rid of some pain oops another class. I had been attending another gym that starts with a “Y” for years, nothing I did there could have prepared me for a 15-20 min wod that would leave me sucking for air.

I made it through the 4 weeks of bootcamp and wanted more I signed up for the year. I started attending the early morning classes 4 sometimes 5 times a week. I liked the changes I started to feel and see! Around the first of March a couple of cool things happened I made a bet with my boss that on June 2nd I would be +/- 10% of 250 lbs and started paleo. I had a meeting with Joanne because I needed some help; I had to change more than just going to the gym. After Joanne said “oh ya we can do this” I had a couple of meetings with Art to learn more about paleo, I began a strict paleo diet.

This next paragraph I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging or that this was simple. Since Jan I have visited over 9 cross fit gyms across the US and Canada and have traveled over 61 days where I did not sleep in my own bed. Although it’s hard as hell don’t use excuses that you can’t eat healthy on the road or attend a gym while traveling!!!!

I don’t know how to explain this to anyone that has not met Joanne. Since March I have received many e-mails and phones calls from Joanne helping me when I had questions and wondering where I’m at with my goal! How many other gyms would do that??

With travel schedules my boss and I finally hooked up yesterday for the big weigh in. I weighed in at 257 lbs with a net loss of 78lbs.

Joanne, Lance, Lars, Art, Paul T and Pauly = CHANGED LIFE!!!!”


As a competitive boxer it’s important for me to always be in the best shape possible so I can be prepared for my bouts and tournaments. Boxing requires me to not only be strong, but to also have the stamina, speed and flexibility in order to compete against the best in the world. I’m always looking for new ways to improve in these areas and recently I discovered CrossFit.
Three months ago I started CrossFit in Kitchener and can honestly say I’ve seen major improvements in all of these areas. Their programs focus on doing functional exercises in gymnastics, cardiovascular training and weight lifting. In the three months I’ve spent with Joanne and the crossfit team I’ve made huge gains in my strength and explosiveness. It has definitely helped me this year to get prepare for one of the most important tournaments in my career, 2010 Nationals. Everything that I had done in the gym leading up to this event made my fights feel easy. That’s how I know I was well prepared and Crossfit helped me reach that level of fitness that I needed.

Though I found success with the CrossFit program as a competitive athlete, I can definitely see the benefits for people of all fitness levels. Each day there is a different WOD to keep things interesting. What really keeps you motivated though is the encouragement you get from all the trainers and also from everyone else in the class. Seeing what everyone around you is accomplishing is both inspiring and motivational. No matter what your fitness goals are they will be able to help you reach that next level.

The principles and techniques I’ve learned in the last three months at CrossFit have helped me raise my fitness level and help me continue to accomplish my goals. I look forward to continuing to work with the CrossFit team in the future as I continue to train and prepare for the 2012 Olympics.

Mandy Bujold
5x Canadian Champion


At 5’5”, over 200 lbs and a new mother; I was hardly what you would think of for CrossFit.  Joanne introduced me to the workouts and I was instantly amazed.  I had lived a fairly sedentary lifestyle for the past 4 years and it had made me fat and way out of shape.  To say the least, doing 5 minutes of the “Cindy” workout seemed like an eternity of hard work.  I felt the burn for days afterwards and cursed every time I had to climb my staircase.As time went on I was able to see improvements in my physical condition, I lost some weight and I had more energy.  I even have that little line when I flex my bicep.  Perhaps the most significant gain was in an area I least expected.  Years ago I started running and had to quit because of a debilitating ankle pain that would start with the shortest, slowest run; even fast walking could set off this pain.  I had tried running again a few other times but the pain would stop me shortly after starting.   I am now running with no ankle pain and I believe it is due to the functional movements and ten domains of fitness provided by CrossFit.  I am running a 5K run on Father’s Day and couldn’t be happier or prouder.

I had been doing CrossFit with Joanne and Lance in their home but I just went to my first class at their new facility.  Even though I was not new to CrossFit I was nervous about doing it in a class.  Well, to my surprise no one told me I didn’t belong, no one laughed at me, no one called me fat and no made me feel intimidated.  I was greeted by warm smiles, words of encouragement and a sense of belonging.  I truly felt from the other participants that “we are in this together and no man gets left behind.” We did the workout and I knew I would be coming back.

With an Ironman brother and fitness champion sister-in-law I am in good company to make significant strides forward in my fitness.  I can now see myself teaching my daughter what healthy physical activity is and I can be a role model to her that nothing can stop you in achieving your goals.

If someone were to say that CrossFit is not for someone like me I would say that they are wrong.  I am seeing fast results, I have quick workouts, I am in a supportive environment and I feel great having pushed my body beyond my mental barriers.  I would tell anyone thinking CrossFit is for elite athletes only is that anyone can do CrossFit if they are not afraid of intensity, not afraid of sweat and not afraid of pushing beyond their comfort zone.  All you have to gain is improved health, a stronger, leaner body and a more positive mental outlook.  I am living proof.

CrossFit is a challenging and fun exercise program for fitness enthusiasts and people exploring fitness alike. About two months ago, on the way home from school me and my friend were considering our options for joining a local gym. Even after having worked out previously, we both realized that neither of us knew how to work out properly. My friend beat me to it, and joined the local Cross Fit gym. A few weeks later, he was ranting and raving about how great CrossFit was. So, I decided to go for my free lesson. The gym is like a hanger that connects King and Charles St. with unique exercise equipment inside. They have kettle bells, pull-up bars, targets on the walls, boxes, pumper plate weights, and a rope to climb.

After 9 months of sedentary living my first CrossFit exercise left me out of breath, and feeling sore all over my body. But, I went back for a second workout, because I could feel that the exercise program was working from day one. Then I joined. Why? Because the trainers at the gym have sound principles behind their work outs of the day (WODs), they are extremely knowledgeable about a lot of different training programs, and the atmosphere at the gym is enough to get the most unmotivated of people ecstatic about working out. A couple months later, I can already look back and proudly say that I’ve made progress. I can do a muscle up, 100 pull ups, a hand stand, a dead lift with over 200lbs. etc. Also, most importantly I got through nine exams with almost no stress, because CrossFit is a very effective stress reliever. Sure you could try to learn CrossFit on your own, but it would take years to gain the knowledge of the CrossFit trainers, and you wouldn’t have the support of the friendly CrossFit community at the gym. So, come on out for your free WOD today!

I started doing CrossFit in June with Lance, Joanne, and Lars and have been loving it. I’ve come a long way in a short time since starting and am noticing a huge difference in the gym, playing sports, and in everyday life.  The workouts you do in the gym carry over to real life like lifting boxes to chasing after nieces and nephews.

What’s so different about CrossFit Kitchener compared to anywhere else I’ve ever been is the atmosphere. There’s no egos here, everyone is pushing each other to their potential.  For some of the harder workouts it’s this encouragement that drives you to run that last lap, do those last reps, or lift that much weight. One of the most satisfying parts is the round of high fives after you just finished a gruelling workout.

If you’re not looking to spend 2 hours in the gym everyday then CrossFit is right up your alley, some of the workouts we do are only 10 minutes. Don’t let this fool you, because after those 10 minutes you’re laying on the floor making sweat angels with the rest of the people.  But once you catch your breath and look at what you’ve just accomplished, you’re proud of what you’ve done.

When my friends ask me about CrossFit, I tell them what I’m telling you. You have to try it out!

It is so easy to make excuses to avoid working out.  Crossfit Kitchener has changed that for me.  I am always excited about going to do a WOD (workout of the day) at Crossfit Kitchener.  I often find myself scheduling my day around my time at the gym.

I can think of three main reasons as to why Crossfit has contributed to my newfound enthusiasm for working out.  First, I have not come across a more effective workout than Crossfit.  I have noticed a huge improvement in my performance after only two months.  I find this improvement to be an important motivator.

Second, the WODs are different every day and so there is always something new to look forward to.  From rope climbs, pull-ups, and wall balls to ring dips, weightlifting, and rowing, there is always a challenging WOD to tackle each day.  With Crossfit, I have come to appreciate the challenge of pushing myself to my limit, whether it is a five minute WOD or a forty-five minute WOD.

Third, the encouragement from the staff and fellow athletes at Crossfit Kitchener is phenomenal.  It wasn’t until I started working out at Crossfit Kitchener that I realized how much the support of others can help you strive towards your maximum potential.  There is always someone to make sure that you are performing the movements properly and pushing yourself as hard as you can.  Additionally, the opportunity for a little friendly competition often presents itself to help push you to your limit.

Crossfit Kitchener has been an amazing experience for me and I encourage you to give it a try.  You won’t regret it.

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  1. congratulations Jo and Lance on your first year at crossfit.soooooooooo proud of you both you have worked so hard in making crossfit kitchener what it is to-day with the help of your awsome friends.We wish you much success in the coming years. Love you xoxo

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