Pat (aka “Murf”) – Trainer

I grew up playing minor hockey and participating on school team sports.  Competition – I loved it – win, lose or draw.  I had great coaches and teachers that left a good impression and molded me in those early years.
At 28 I joined Ron Day’s Kitchener Kicks.  I rose through the ranks and achieved a Black Sash in Kung Fu.  I did the tournament circuit throughout Ontario for many years with great success, and in that time, gained a lot of experience teaching and coaching, which I found very rewarding.  
While training the KW Kodiaks, a Senior A lacrosse team, I heard about CrossFit through their owner.  I found CrossFit Kitchener had just opened a few months earlier.  I knew it was what I was looking for, so I joined and immediately loved it.
I wasn’t inspired with my own workouts anymore and CrossFit was it.  I decided to take  my Level 1 Cert, and will continue to take more specialty certs.  I’ve been in four Crossfit competitions and I know there is more to come.  I love coaching and helping people succeed at their goals.

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