COMMUNITY WOD at CrossFit Kitchener

New to CrossFit and looking to test the waters before jumping all the way in? Check out our community WOD! It’s an action packed hour of fitness fun followed by a social. You’ll get to meet and chat with some of our members and coaches, while getting an authentic CrossFit experience. The workouts are safe for all levels of athletes and can be scaled to accomodate any injuries or mobility issues. We look forward to seeing you soon!


  • Friday April 6th, @6pm

Please register online in advance or email us to save your space.
Print & Fill Out your waiver before class!


  • 5000 square feet of training space
  • experienced & certified coaches
  • welcoming and friendly environment
  • multiple classes each weekday & weekend classes
  • comprehensive & challenging programming
  • wide variety of specialty equipment (over 3000lbs in bumper plates, sleds, prowlers, sled-barrows, sandbags, tires, 5 climbing ropes, dumbells, kettlebells, plenty of med balls, parallettes, balance beam, and much more)
  • shower facilities (Wheelchair accessible)
  • easy access to the expressway

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Getting Started at CrossFit Kitchener


Because of the intensity and complexity of our workouts & exercises we feel it is important for all newcomers, regardless of athletic ability, to go through our Fundamental Training.

Package of 3 1hr Personal Training Sessions + 1 month of Unlimited Classes.   These training sessions can be set up to suit your schedule (morning, daytime, evening and weekend appointments are available) and can also be set up to be done semi-privately – maximum 3/people.
$199, plus hst  Purchase Private Fundamentals

Once you’ve graduated your coach will help you book your first class and get started on your CrossFit journey! We look forward to helping you build your best self!

Contact Us

The best way to reach us is via email at or complete the Contact Form below.

CrossFit Kitchener
543 Mill St  Unit 6
Kitchener, ON
N2G 2Y5

Daily WOD

Wednesday April 25th, 2018

Upper body Power Build to a heavy push press in 10min + 5 sets go every 2:00 5 push press@ 75% + Jonestown sprint 20-10 Pushpress 75/55 Burpee chest 2 bar pull ups   Extra credit 5×5 Strict HSPU Or 5x 10 Band resisted push ups (use red or black band)

Tuesday April 24th, 2018

Power Endurance IWT Phase 1 5 per arm KB Snatch 2/1.5 Row 1:00 Target 350/280 Rest 3:00 X3 Int=4:00   Phase 2 10 Single Arm OH Lunge 2/1.5 Row 1:00 Target 350/280 Rest 3:00 X3 Int= 4:00   Phase 3 5 Min MAX Burpee Pull ups

Monday April 23rd, 2018

Lower body Strength Every 3:00 x 10 10 Back squat @ 50-60% 1rm + 5 sets 5 single arm KB front Squat Build to as heavy as possible +   Breather 4 sets 30 sec frog hops 30 sec rest 4 sets 30 sec jumping lunge 30 sec rest