Personal Training


What are your fitness goals?  

Let us help you meet them with a Personal Training Package designed specifically for you.

All of our trainers have several years of CrossFit experience, as well as running, triathlon and martial arts backgrounds.

Your trainer will custom-tailor your program to help you achieve your goals.

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                        1-Hour Sessions                       1/2- Hour Sessions
     No. of Sessions     Rate/Session        No. of Sessions       Rate/Session
              1 to 4           $75.00               1 to 4           $50.00
             5 to 9           $70.00              5 to 9           $47.50
           10 to 19           $65.00            10 to 19           $45.00
              20+           $60.00                20+           $42.50

Semi-Private pricing and payment plans available.  Prices subject to HST.

Contact us to book your 1st appointment.

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