Body Composition Testing/Health Screening

Skin-fold measurements can be used to assess health and monitor improvements.  This straight-forward testing can reveal many health issue indications, and can provide insight on how you could improve your overall health.  For example, it can be an indicator of your stress levels, carbohydrate tolerance, food allergens, and hormonal balances/imbalances.  Since everyone is unique, and there is no “one-size-fits-all” formula or prescription for improving your well-being, the results from this test can help streamline your individual path to wellness.

1-Hour Initial Appointment consists of:

  • 10-site testing procedure
  • Feedback on your skin-fold measurements, with some practical advice on changes you can make to improve your health
  • Brief nutritional consult & sample menu
  • Sum of total skin-folds + a sum of 4 total to use as a reference
  • $75, plus HST

30-Minute Re-Test consists of:

  • 10-site testing procedure
  • Comparison of results
  • Discussion about the changes you made since your initial test
  • Strategies for continued success on your path to wellness
  • $35, plus HST

These sessions can be purchased online or at the desk.   Contact for more information or to book your appointment.

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