Functional Conditioning and Rehabilitation

Dr. Jason Porr,
BSc (Hon), Human Kinetics, DC, FRCCSS(C)
Grand River Sports Medicine Centre

Dr. Porr has published research in a number of peer reviewed journal and continues to be involved in progressing the body of knowledge for manual therapy in the treatment of athletes and sport related injuries.  He has worked with a number of national and international level athletes and provided on-field coverage for  sports such as track and field, beach volleyball, hockey, taekwondo, soccer and cycling.  Dr. Porr also works with a number of Crossfit athletes from an injury perspective as well as providing consultation regarding functional mobility necessary for performance and injury prevention.

Video analysis is a tool that Dr. Porr uses heavily within his clinical practice to aid athletes in the management of their injuries and in the improvement of their performances. Throwing athletes, runners, golfers, Olympic lifters and many other athletes perform movements that are too fast and complex to analyze with the naked eye. Video analysis allows Dr. Porr to break these movements down and provide his patients with the information they need to improve their performances and avoid/treat any injuries they may have.

Click here to view Dr. Porr’s Functional Rehab and Conditioning videos.
Committing to improving mobility, flexibility, strength and balance helps to prevent injuries or to return to optimal health.

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