Friday December 8th




Tempo Front Squat

8 Sets of 2

Build to 2 3RM

Tempo is 3 down, 3s pause


4 Rounds

In 1 Minute perform:

1 Tempo Front Squat @ 85% of 2RM from the day

And as many Alternating Jumping Lunges as possible
Rest 3 Minutes between rounds

Coaches Notes: Today builds from our previous Tempo Front Squat work.  The primary focus is posture and position while squatting followed by a met-con that brings back the alternating jumping lunge. It’s a Leg Day!

Score: Total jumping lunges accumulated over 4 Rounds from Intensity

Scaling for Intensity

  • Tempo Front Squat →  Tempo Goblet Squat

Jumping Lunges →  Step  Back Lunges

Thursday December 6th


Today’s WOD

AMRAP 25 in Teams of 4

5 x 25′ Shuttle Run

10 DB Power Clean 50/35

5 x 25′ Shuttle Runs

Each Rep is there AND Back. Each set of Shuttle Runs finishes at the Dumbbells.

In team of four, one person completes an entire round, then the next person does the same, and so on.

Coaches Notes: A simple day today with a 25 minute long relay race. Each round you should do should be an all out effort as you get rest of 3:1.

Score: Combined Rounds + Reps across the team

Wednesday December 5th


Strict Pull Up

4×8, Across

Rest 2mins between sets



Chest to bar Pull Up

Box Jump over 24/20

After Each Round, Perform 50 Double Unders. The workout ends with Double Unders.

Coaches Notes:The weighted strict pull up returns today! Athletes who were present for the 5×5 day should attempt the same weight (or band tension) for the 4×8 appearing in today’s consistency section. The 21-15-9- workouts are always quick, so make sure you are ready to go fast.

Score: Time to complete Intensity

Scaling for Intensity

  • C2B Pull Up → Reduced Reps C2B Pull Up → Jumping C2B Pull Up → Ring Rows
  • Box Jump Over → Reduce Height → Reduce Reps → Step Over the Box

Double Under →  Reduced Number of Double Unders →   120 single unders with 10 Double Under attempts each round

Tuesday December 4th


Member of the Month Bil T.

Bil and his wife Natasha have both embraced CrossFit  and have been a big part of our CFK community for a number of years now making it an important part of their day to day lives. They’ve even rubbed off on their Daughters who now do CrossFit themselves.There’s not many social events or challenges that they don’t get involved with.
 Bil’s hard work, consistency, and commitment to his fitness has paid off. He shows up with a Timmie’s in hand, greets everyone and  puts 100% into every wod .  Most importantly, he knows how to keep it fun.  He’s always encouraging and cheering on others as he suffers along side them giving everyone a high five at the end. Bil will always go out of his way to introduce himself to new people and makes them feel welcome. This is what CrossFit is all about. Thanks for being part of the CFK community Bil.


Today’s WOD

With an Empty Barbell

2 Rounds

5 Muscle Clean + 5 Strict Press

2 Rounds

5 Dip Jump Land Drill

2 Rounds

5 Hang Squat Clean  + 5 Power Jerk


Clean and Jerk

Coaches Notes: Another heavy day, now focused the Clean & Jerk. Athletes should aim to hit their previous 1RM for a double. The day, in its entirety, is designed to help athletes Clean and Jerk better. Make sure technique is dialed in with a barbell before progressing towards weight.

Monday December 3rd


Deni Doing the River Dance 🙂

Today’s WOD

For Time

75 Cal Row

75 Toe to Bar

75 Hang Power Snatch 75/55

75 Bar Facing Burpee

Coaches Notes: A long chipper before we change gears with a heavy day tomorrow. The high rep nature of this workout will test shoulder stability. The intensity piece is classic crossfit and should take athletes around 30 minutes.

Score: Time to Complete Intensity


  • Toe To Bar → Reduce Reps → Knee to Elbow → A combination of Arch to Hollow Swings with Leg Raise and V-Ups → V-Ups → Jack Knives → Sit Ups → Anchored Sit Ups

Hang Power Snatch → Reduce Weight → Hang Power Clean

Saturday December 1st


                             Welcoming Meaghan to CFK:)

Meaghan is a competitive rower who is eager to learn more about CrossFit. So much so that she did the noon class immediately after her last fundamental session and crushed the WOD! Welcome aboard Meaghan!

Today’s WOD

40 min amrap with a partner
100 D/U
50 goblet squats 1.5/1.0
40 hand release push ups
30 power cleans 115/85
20 burpees

Friday November 30th



St Mary’s Phys Ed Classes giving CrossFit a GO!

Thanks to St. Mary’s and especially Mr Mandich for their on going support over the years and introducing High School students to CrossFit.

Today’s WOD

Perform 100m row sprints at the following stroke rates:

20, 22, 24. 28, all out


4 Rounds

1000m Row

25 V-Up

20 Russian KB Swing 32/20

Coaches Notes: Intervals return today: with a twist. There are other movements and rest is removed. This time the we are rowing intervals instead of running. Keep track of the times to complete your Rows!

Score: Average split time on Rowing in Intensity

Scaling for Intensity

  • 1000m Row → Reduce Distance
  • V-Ups → Jack Knives → Sit Ups → Anchored Sit Ups

Russian KB Swing → KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull → KB Deadlft