Crushing Cancer

Crushing Cancer1

On Sunday, July 10 from 9 am to 2 pm, the CrossFit Kitchener community is coming together at our Mill Street location to do something that is at the core of our beliefs: we are supporting one of our CFK family members, Coach Paul Tereyla,  who is courageously fighting colon cancer. On that day we will be Crushing Cancer at CrossFit Kitchener.

Coach Paul T. has been a big part of the CFK family from the start – improving the quality of life for so many people over the last seven years through his exceptional coaching, and especially Olympic lifting classes on Sundays.  No one has seen more sloppy snatches or poorly executed jerks than Paul. He has helped to fix them all.


Paul  has been fighting this battle with cancer for more than six months. To show him and his partner Sandy, how much we care about him and to raise funds to help them in this truly horrible time, we are pulling together to CrossFit and doing what we do best – fitness. Please come out with your family to help support Paul and your CrossFit Family.

Event: Crushing Cancer at CrossFit Kitchener

When: Sunday July 10th,  9am – 2pm (bbq at 12 noon)

Where: CFK Mill Street location



WODS:  #1 CF Olympic Total, #2 – 28 round Cindy + 4 pullups. (No, not a typo…for years Paul held the top Cindy score on the leaderboard, so now it’s our time to put our bodies through a bit of pain and suffering as Paul did in a 20 minute time cap.)  You can partner up for this one and other scaling options will be available for Cindy. It will be judged by volunteers who probably can be bribed. The focus of this competition is participation and having fun. Winners will get honourable mention:)

CLICK HERE to sign up!

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