Bill – Trainer

My interest in performance training started at a young age when I began running track. In high-school and through club training I began to specialize in the 400 m hurdles and competed both at the provincial level and on the national stage.  In 2009, I gave crossfit a go and immediately loved it. The philosophhy of working hard in a competitive and friendly environment, kept me motivated and accountable. Two years later, I went for my crossfit L1 and have been continuing my education ever since. I have attended weightlifting seminars run by Demitri Klokov, gymnastics seminars by Carl Paoli and most recently, after finding Gym Jones, I travelled to Salt Lake City to attend two weekend seminars focusing on program design and training philosophy, and have come out with new goals and a new focus. The idea that our mind is primary in order for any of us to achieve growth and success in what we do at the gym.As a trainer, my goal is to provide a product and experience to the members where I hold them accountable day in and day out so that members improve their performance, physical preparedness and overall experience.I look forward to sharing my knowledge and passion with all the members of CFK and our fantastic community


Crossfit level 1

Gym Jones level 1 Foundations

Gym Jones level 2 Programming and Practical Application

Medical First Responder


OPT – Long term sport of fitness athlete development

Dmitry Klokov Olympic lifting seminar

Carl Paoli Freestyle Connection gymnastics and movement

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