February 22nd, 2011

Skill/Strength component – 5 x 5 back squats

Today’s WOD


For time complete:


Squat Cleans 135/95

Ring Dips

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February 21st, 2011

CFK members at the “Re-Fridgeerator” run yesterday. Way to tough it out guys!

Just a reminder of today’s schedule – 5:45am, 9:30am, 11:0oam, 5pm, 6pm + 7pm bootcamp

Skill/Strength component – 10 minutes to practice what you suck at

Today’s WOD

3000m row
5min rest
10 overhead squats 95/65
10 burpees 

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February 20th, 2011

Today’s Skill – Snatches

Come out today and work on some Olympic lifting with Paul @ 9:30. Or come out to open gym from 10:30-1pm to work on some skills or catch up on a workout that you missed this past week. 

February 19th, 2011

Today’s WOD

Complete the following for time:

50, 35, 20, 5

Double Unders

Air Squats

Sit Ups

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February 18th, 2011

Jo and Lance in sunny Panama taking some time to do a beach WOD

Skill/Strength component – 10 minutes of tire flip practice

Today’s WOD

5 Rds for time

Row 250m

20 Box Jumps 20/16

10 SDHP @ 96/65

5 Squat Cleans @95/65

REST EXACTLY 2 min b/t rounds

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**Monday is Family Day – We will have a few class changes, hope to see everyone out. 5:45am, 9:30am, 11:00am, 5pm,  and 6pm – Bootcamp will be at 7pm

February 17th, 2011

Strength/Skill Component – 3 x 50′ Bear Crawl

Today’s WOD

10 Rds for time:
15 Wall Balls 20/14 10’
10 Deadlifts @ BW (Bodyweight)
15 Ring Push ups

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*Scale this one as needed. If you can’t do ring push ups, do regular push ups, if you can’t do bodyweight deadlifts, do a challenging weight for 10 reps…but don’t avoid it!

February 16th, 2011

Strength/Skill component – 5 min max rep double unders.

Today’s WOD

4 Rds for time:

9 Front Squats @ 60% of 1RM

9 Toes to bar

9 Hang Power Cleans @ FS weight

9 Burpee Pull ups

1 Rope Climb

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Great to see so many people out last night. Amazing energy and atmosphere. Thanks for all the co-operation in getting things going properly too. You guys ROCK!