February 10th, 2021

It’s hard to believe it was 12 years ago on February 10, 2009 shortly after becoming one of first CrossFit affiliates in Ontario that we launched our CrossFit Kitchener website and posted Cindy, the first of over 3000 published wod’s to date. Cindy is a classic benchmark workout and still shows up frequently in CrossFit Programming. CrossFit was virtually unknown back then; an underground phenomenon. Social media wasn’t what it is today. Instagram didn’t exist and businesses were just starting to use Facebook to advertise and engage people. We wanted to get the word out about this amazing new fitness movement before opening the doors in June so we relied on our website to reel people in . We started to get followers as the word started to spread about CrossFit and it’s “Killer Workouts”. Twelve years later CrossFit has exploded and is now a household name. I’m proud to be part of an incredible movement that has made such a positive impact on so many lives. I’m proud of the community we’ve built at CFK over the years. Beyond the workouts , CFK is truly a special place where everyone is made to feel welcome, comfortable, included and supported and where life long friendships have been made. Below are photos of our first home during the Reno’s. This 2100 sq ft bare bones facility was considered big for a CrossFit Gym back then. Rogue didn’t exist and we built a lot of our equipment. Kettlebells were hard to find. This intimate first home produced many fit people and holds many fond memories. Thanks to everyone who has supported our gym over the years and to those who continue to support CFK during this difficult time. Looking forward to getting back to the Gym! 3-2-1 GO💪🏻❤️

**“Your obsessions become your possessions.” – Ed Mylett**

The word “obsessed” gets a bad rap.
And there’s indeed some merit to that.

But let’s try to define “to be obsessed” a little further. What it’s not defined by is “hours put in”. That may be correlation, but not causality. One is truly obsessed with something when their passion and fire for “that thing” is so great, that their willpower will see them through even the harshest of storms. Where every other person quits… they push on. To one who is obsessed, failure is simply not an option.

Be obsessed with reaching our dreams.
Be obsessed with becoming a better husband. A better wife.
A better son, a better daughter. A better friend, a better neighbor.

Be obsessed with what we care about the most. Our fiercest willpower, pointed in the right direction, is the most powerful thing in the world.

Today’s WOD

On the 1:30 x 5 Sets:
3 High Box Jumps
3 Deadlifts

*Start Around ~60% 1RM & Build*

Option 1:
5 Rounds
15 Deadlifts (155/105)
12 Box Jump Overs (24″/20″)
9 Front Squats (155/105)

Option 2:
5 rounds
10+10 suitcase deadlift
40 DU
20 gob squats (or 10 double DB)

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