July 31st, 2020

Meet our newest CFK Member “Dan the Man”. Watch out for this dude, he’s fierce. Welcome aboard Dan!

Today’s WOD

“Karen Meets Annie”

For Time:


Wall Ball 20/14, 10/9

Double Under’s

Sit ups
**Level Movement Details:
L3: Wall Balls (20# to 10ft/14# to 10ft), Double unders
L2: Wall Balls (14# to 10ft/10# to 10ft), 20-15-10–5 Double Unders
L1: Wall Balls (14# to 9ft/10# to 9ft), Single unders

Performance Tips:
This workout was inspired by Power Keg CrossFit in San Diego, CA and in collaboration with Neal Maddox. This is twist of 2 beloved benchmark workouts that will put your motor to the test. The goal is to complete the workout as quickly as possible within the time cap. However, not all athletes will be able to finish the entire workout within the time cap, so do your best and use that cap as extra motivation. Not finishing doesn’t mean failure. The workout is tough by design and will help get you ready for the Open.

Pick a skill level that allows you to keep moving rather than get stuck on one of the movements like double unders. If you aren’t proficient at double unders but you can still link 5-6 reps in a row, Level 2 might be the best option due to the scaled rep requirement.

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