October 2nd, 2019



Member of the Month- Aldo

When a few members approached me about  wanting to nominate Aldo for Member of the month in October I immediately agreed that he would be a great choice.  I asked one of our member who nominated him why she thought he’d be a good choice and this is what she wrote….

Aldo is an enthusiastic member who is always in a good mood, ready to tackle the WOD. When Aldo joined CFK a few months ago he was new to this Ontario community. He was looking for more than a gym. He found a community that embraced him and challenged him to become the athlete he is today.  Aldo is always looking for ways to improve himself but also he is always reaching out to new members with a friendly smile. He participates in new challenges and has joined Rick’s running group. He is always full of energy and it is contagious.He is funny, kind and a good example of how hard work pays off.  Congratulations Aldo for the positive vibes you bring to CFK!!

Today’s WOD

5-10 Rope Climbs


With a Partner:

5 Rounds Each, I go, you go:

12/10 Calorie row

12 Burpees over the Erg

16 Jumping lunges

Get in today, bring a friend, and get your cardio on.

Scaling for Intensity

  • 12/10 Cal Row → Reduce Reps
  • Burpee over Erg → Bodybuilder over Erg → Reduce Reps
  • Jumping Lunges → Step Back Lunges

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