September 27th, 2019

Community WODS are open to members as well as people outside our CFK community who want to see what CF is all about. Please sign up for this class through the website. See you at 6!

Today’s WOD

5 Rounds

1 Min: 15 Toes to Bar (2 sets max)

1 Min: 10 Box Jump (30/24)

1 Min: 30s Double KB or DB Hold


5 Rounds

8-12 High Bench Row w/KB or DB

8-12 DB or KB Hatfield Front Raise

8-12 DB or KB Scott Lateral Raise

Struggle stringing toes to bar together? Want to get a little more stability in your shoulders? Get in today and come crush out a challenging EMOM and shoulder building accessory exercises.

Scaling for Intensity

  • Toes to bar → Reduce Reps → Knee to elbow → Beat Swing w/ Leg Raise → V-Up → Jack Knife → Sit Up → Anchored Sit Up → Banded Sit Up
  • Box Jump → Reduce Height → Step Up
  • Double KB Hold → Hold in Goblet Squat position

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