August 22nd, 2019

This is just how they showed up. Apparently, it was not planned 😉

Today’s WOD

Divide with a Partner:

In partners:

100 burpees over box 24/20

80 DB snatch 50/35

60 Wall-balls 20/14

40 Bar muscle ups [40 Ring Dips]

60 Wall-balls 20/14

80 1 arm DB push press 50/35

200 Double unders

A kitchen sink partner chipper. Divide the work as you see fit and get after it.

Score:  Time to Complete Intensity

Scaling for Intensity

  • Burpee over Box → Reduce Height
  • DB Snatch → Reduce Weight
  • Wall Ball → Reduce Weight → Reduce Height → Goblet Squat

Muscle Up → Reduce Reps → Jumping Muscle Up → Kipping C2B Pull Up → Kipping Pull Up

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