August 19th, 2019

Today’s WOD

Every Minute x5

1 Minute: 3-5 Strict Pull Up

1 Minute: Max Distance Handstand Walking

1 Minute: 3-5 Strict Dip

1 Minute: Max L-Sit

Weight as Needed

A bit of a skill session after a couple of high intensity workouts. Today is a great day to work through some gymnastics elements. While not necessarily “sexy,” days like today lay the foundation for significant improvement going forward. And you will get a sick pump.

Scaling for Intensity

  • Strict Pull Up → Banded Pull Up → 10-15 Ring Row
  • Handstand Walk → Around the Worlds → Bear Crawl
  • Strict Dip → Banded Dip → Bar Dip → Ring Push Up → Push Up → Box Push Up 

L-Sit → Bent Knees → One Leg Raised → Feet on Ground → Tucked Knees Feet on Ground

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