April 12th, 2019

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We are fortunate to have so many talented People at CFK. Come out tonight (Friday) to watch our very own Jesse Parent play at our Spring Social. The FUN starts at 6 pm with a Special WOD (family and friends welcome to participate) followed by a Pot luck. We will also be celebrating the end of the 2019 CF Open.

Today’s WOD

For Time:

100 DB Power Clean 50/35

200 Burpee

300 Sit Up

400 Double Unders

Work with a partner one person working at a time, the other must be hanging from the bar or holding a high plank

Teams should have a plan heading into the workout. One person must be holding a plank or a bar hang while the other one works. They can switch between the holds as they see fit.

Score: Time to Complete Intensity

Scaling for Intensity

  • DB Power Clean → Reduce Weight → Hang DB Power Clean → Russian KB Swing
  • Burpee → Bodybuilders
  • Sit Up → Anchored Sit Up → Banded Sit Up
  • Double Under → Singles with double under attempts


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