April 11th, 2019


Throw Back Thursday. CFK King St. April 2010.

Today’s WOD

Bench Press

5×5 Across with 95% of 5RM


Death By:

1 Min: 20s L-Sit Hold (Floor)

1 Min: Death by Handstand Push Up (2, 4, 6, 8, 10…)

The Bench Press is an excellent complement to the increased focus on the push jerk and jerk we have been incorporating in the programming and should help you continue to progress you upper body pressing

Score: Rounds + Reps on Intensity

Scaling for Intensity

  • L-Sit → One leg extended → Bent Knee L-Sit → From the Hang → Hollow Hold

Handstand Push Up → 1 Ab Mat → Dive Bomber → DB Push Press

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