March 5th, 2019


Member of the Month- Henry 🙂IMG_0637

Member of the Month- Henry 🙂


Henry joined CFK a year ago and has since become a dedicated 5:45am class member. He shows up each morning, excited and ready to learn, and this positive attitude has allowed him to grow and improve immensely in a short time.  He is one of the most positive people you will ever meet, even after a tough loss against a box jump, he always walks away from class with a smile.  He’s there until the end of each WOD cheering on others, and ready to give high-fives after everyone catches their breath.  The 5:45am crew has been asking for some time why Henry hasn’t been nominated yet, and finally it’s time!  Henry, you make the 5:45am class way more fun and we are lucky to have you as part of our class 🙂

Today’s WOD

Back Squat 20RM

2×10 @ 20RM



12 Alternating Jump Lunges

9 Chest to Bar Push Up

60s Static Plank

Score: Rounds + Reps. Every 10s of Plank counts as a rep.

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