March 4th, 2019

     Allie and Taylor Conquer 19.2

The Open Season is a special time of year for people in the CrossFit world. It seems to bring out the best in everyone on all levels and  helps bring us all a little closer as we sweat, suffer and succeed together. Taylor and Allie have  had their share of struggles yet they haven’t let it beat them down.

Taylor was born with Hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain). On his first birthday a shunt malfunction caused a brain injury which has caused symptoms similar to spastic CF ( cerebral palsy). He was told he would be in a wheelchair.   Taylor has been working hard and has amazed his doctors and therapists with what he has accomplished and he isn’t done yet!    He wants to keep working to build and train his muscles, build his social skills and improve his life.

Allie has Downs Syndrome and she has accomplished a lot in her 24 years. She isn’t just an award-winning Conestoga College graduate and a world-class Special Olympics athlete, she won the Premier Award  and was honoured in a graduate category for her social and economic contributions as a college graduate. She has volunteered for the last 3 years at the Working Center and holds down a part time job at the Chopped Leaf in Waterloo.

Thanks for the inspiration and motivation you bring to us all Taylor and Allie. Good luck in the rest of the CF Open!!

Today’s WOD

6 sets:

1 Strict muscle up + 2-4 Ring Dips

Rest 90s


5 Rounds

12 KB Swing 32/24

12 Box jump overs 24/20

Coaches Notes: Some muscle up skill work followed by a high intensity couplet, come in ready to learn and to work hard.


1 Strict Muscle Up + 2 to 4 Strict Ring Dips → 1 Jumping Muscle Up + 2 to 4 Strict Ring Dips → 2 Strict Ring Dips + 2 to 4 Jumping Ring Dips → 2 Ring Push Up + 3-5 Push Ups → 2 Push Ups + 3 to 5 Box Push Ups → 6xME Box Push Up

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