Tuesday February 12th



I first learned of CFK in the local paper about 10 years ago. I tore out the article with a photo of a middle-aged woman holding her head above the pull-up bar and dropped it into a file folder labelled Things of Interest. I contemplated it since there had long been a voice in the back of my mind urging me to challenge myself more physically. Not that I was ever inactive-I regularly ran the back roads of KW with a group of like-minded women, tried the machines at a local gym for a few months, and joined in a few yoga classes. But it took a personal crisis to really open the gates of what I needed to do. Entering my 50’s, I hit a difficult stretch of parenting my 3 children and holding down my job as a teacher. The stress hijacked my mind and body bringing me to my knees- literally. It was a scary, dark time but over the next two years I clawed my way back to health. I knew then that a strenuous fitness program needed to be part of my tool box to maintain my mental and physical health.

I started fundamentals at CFK in the Fall of 2013 just prior to my 56th birthday and am now starting year 6 at age 61. CrossFit has helped me immensely – in all areas of my life. I am both physically and mentally stronger and have the stamina to do what I need and want to do. I must say it’s satisfying to be able to kindly decline the help of the young clerk at the garden center as I sling heavy bags of mulch into my car. He takes one look at my grey hair and assumes decrepitude has set in.

I’m a regular at the 7:00 am class coming most mornings because I have felt the benefits of commitment and consistency. I enjoy the daily challenge, the comradery of the community, and the excellent guidance of the coaches. I scale many parts of the workouts but leave most mornings feeling good that I have pushed myself -even despite myself some days. I’ve come to know the joy of ignoring the negative thoughts and just getting out of my own way. CrossFit has helped me approach life’s overwhelming moments as I would a challenging workout- take it a rep at a time, chip away, breathe, replace fear with trust, laugh, lean on others for support, and always put your clothes out the night before.

Thanks to all- the journey continues!

Today’s WOD


In teams of 2:

25/20 Cal Row

50 Plate Snatch 45/25

100 Burpee to a Plate 45/25

200 Ft Overhead Plate Carry 45/25

Rest 1 Minute

Coaches Notes: A long, light workout designed to complement yesterday’s heavy, high skilled adventure.

Score: Rounds + Reps on Intensity

Scaling for Intensity

  • Cals → Reduce Reps
  • Plate Snatch → Reduce Weight → KB Swing → KB High Pull → KB Deadlift
  • Burpee to Plate → Bodybuilder to plate

Overhead Carry → Farmers Carry alternating which hand holds the plate


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