Thursday February 7th


It has been awesome having Cristopher(pictured far left) join us this week all the way from Barcelona. Cristopher belongs to La Huella Workout Club in Barcelona so if you happen to find yourself there some day, drop in for a workout 🙂

Today’s WOD


1 squat snatch 155/105

3 clean and jerks 155/105

30 double-unders

Coaches Notes: This is a workout straight from – click HERE for details – and is a great triplet to test weightlifting prowess. You should be using the same barbell for both movements and make sure you prioritize movement quality over weight and speed.

Score: Rounds + Reps on Intensity

Scaling for Intensity

  • Squat Snatch → Overhead Squat → Increase Reps → Front Squat
  • Power Clean and Jerk → Reduce Weight → Increase Reps
  • Double Under → Reduce Reps → 30 Singles with 3 to 5 Double Under Attempts


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