Tuesday February 5th

We had a ton of PR’s in January. February is off to an amazing start with pr’s in the 1 RM  Squat Snatch yesterday. Way to go Guys!!! Another big high five to those who participated in the Zero sugar challenge in January.  Not an easy task. The February challenge is to cut out booze or at least cut back. There’s still room to squeeze your name on the accountability board. Your liver will thank-you 🙂

Today’s WOD

10 Rounds:

1 Min: Max Row Cals

30s: Hollow Hold

Rest 90s

Coaches Notes: Yesterday’s heavy day is followed by a conditioning day with a twist. Today’s met-con builds on the core work we have been doing over the last two cycles and lets athletes test their ability to maintain core tension while fatigued. Strength in the hollow position will carry over to a breadth of movements.


Score: Total Calories Accumulated during Intensity


Scaling for Intensity

Hollow Hold → Arms by Sides → Bend one Knee → Bend one knee and grab knee

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