Monday February 4th

Amber Mielke
Back in January 2011 I found a Groupon for Crossfit.  It was something that I had always wanted to try so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity. One of my first WODS was “Kelly” and despite it destroying me I was hooked.  I decided to do the Bootcamp to help with my skills as my previous experience with dumbbells and weight machines didn’t transfer well!  In the early days I saw some pretty significant gains in body composition and lifting.  I was encouraged to enter CFK’sNightmare on Mill St team competition the first year it ran in 2011 and  placed 4th in the scaled division which I was very happy with.  Again, I was encouraged to do the Open and in 2012 somehow I made it to the Canada East Regionals as part of the CFK team!  It was a great experience and encouraged me to enter in more competitions.
I have stayed with CFK for so long because of the community, coaching, programming and location. Everyone is so welcoming and it’s nice to see familiar faces at class, no matter what time of the day I attend.  The coaches are an integral part of the experience – they can make or break the class.  We have lost some coaches that I really enjoyed but they have been replaced by coaches that make the class a great experience.  I am really enjoying the new programming and it’s nice to look ahead and see where we are going with the google doc.  I like the mix of lifting, metcons and skill development.
I am happy with my fitness gains.  Early on in my CF journey I saw a huge improvement in my body composition and skills.  Crossfit has allowed me to feel more confident in my body after having 2 babies as well as get my pre-preganancy body back relatively quickly.
Since having kids, my focus has changed and my competitive days are over but I still love competing against myself and others in class.  Crossfit is such a great workout and I love that it only takes an hour.  That was something I couldn’t get over after starting- I felt I needed to workout for 2 hours to get a great workout and see results.  But the opposite has proven true.  Jo has been great at allowing me to bring my babies to class.  It’s the highlight of my day when I am able to get out and work off some steam, even with a little one in tow.  I am so happy I took the chance and gave Crossfit a try, it’s something that will be part of my life for years to come!

Today’s WOD

Squat Snatch



3 Rounds

50 FT KB Death March


Coaches Notes: The first day of the weightlifting focused cycle brings out the snatch. The cash out is some great hamstring accessory work. Athletes looking to improve their pulling strength could repeat this combo once or twice a week throughout the cycle.

Score: Max Weight Lifted on Intensity

Scaling For Intensity

Snatch 1RM → 3RM

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