Thursday January 30th


Nathan (second from the left) began his fitness journey at CFK in 2010 back at our first home on King St.  This photo was of his graduating fundamental class (called Bootcamp back then) and he has been going strong ever since. When I asked Nathan for some feedback and what it is about CFK that has kept him here for 9 yrs this is what he said…..
.”I’ve stayed so long because it’s exactly what I need. It’s very close to home, I get the fitness I need and it’s a great community of young, old, super fit, just starting to get fit and everything in between.
I’ve visited lots of other Crossfit gyms around North America and CFK stands out in that it’s not a ‘bros only’ gym. A lot of CF boxes are full of Games driven members who make it their whole life and are uber competitive.
People at CFK are there not to show others how awesome they are but to get fit and improve themselves among like-minded friends.
We’ve experimented with different programming styles over the years and it’s been nice to see the different approaches to fitness and gather up all kinds of information that I can put towards my own fitness. I am very pleased with the current programming and have seen big gains in the last 4 months.
The coaches and members alike all make it a fun experience every time. Overall, I think that CFK has evolved into something that everyone enjoys and does it well.
 I can say I’m still very happy with the CFK community and look forward to being a part of it for many more years!”

Today’s WOD

In partners:

Find a Jerk Max (From a Rack)


4 rounds each

going round for round:

7 DB clean and jerk 50/35

7 Toes to bar

14 Calorie row

Coaches Notes: Split Jerks make a rare appearance. The met-con is a real burner, don’t be afraid to over scale and push the pace the entire time.

Score:  Total Time to Complete Intensity

Scaling for Intensity

  • DB Clean and Jerk → Reduce Weight → Full KB Swing
  • Toes to Bar → Knee to Elbow → Arch to Hollow with Leg Raise → V-Up → Sit Up → Anchored Sit Up → Banded Sit Up

Cal Row → Reduce Distance

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