Wednesday January 23rd

image1 (14)dry feb 1

Today’s WOD

Bench Press 5RM


3 Rounds

5 Bench @ 85% of 5RM

5 Weighted Ring Dip at heaviest from last cycle


5 Rounds

21 KB Snatch 2/1.5

15 V-Up

9 Ring Dip

Coaches Notes:This is a great day for athletes to come in and get a pump on. The focus should be on sound mechanics, making sure everyone is focuses on moving well. Make sure you scale the workout appropriately.

Score: Time to Complete Intensity

Scaling for Intensity

  • DB Snatch → Reduce Weight → Reduce Reps → Russian KB Swing
  • V-Up → Sit Up → Anchored Sit Up → Banded Sit Up

Ring Push Up → Tricep Push Up → From Knees → to a Box → DB Bench Press

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