Monday January 14th

A HUGE Congratulations goes out to George, Andrea, Eric, Kayla, Nick and Julie  who competed this past weekend at the PSC CF Pairs Competition. A BIG thank-you to everyone who came out to support!

Today’s WOD


200 ft Farmer Carry 50/35

50 Double Unders

100 Ft Handsand Walk

25 DB/KB Hang Power Clean 50/35


3 Rounds

10+10 Pallof Press

8+8 KB Windmill


Coaches Notes: A “get work done” day that will have some carry over to gymnastics ability, especially with the farmer carries.


Score:   Rounds and Intensity


Scaling for Intensity

  • Farmer Carry → Reduce Weight
  • Double Unders → Reduce Reps → 100 Single Unders with 10 Double Under Attempts
  • Handstand Walk → Reduce Distance → Bear Crawl

DB Hang Power Clean → Reduce Weight → Russian KB Swing

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