Thursday January 3rd

We had lots of visitors over the Christmas Season which is always great. Three who really  stood out were Leo,  Petr & Petr. The two Petr’s are friends and CrossFitters from the Czech Republic visiting Petr #1’s Dad Leo. All three  graced us with their presence and great attitude for two weeks. Leo was the caretaker, coordinator, driver, translator, picture taker and the biggest cheer leader I’ve seen with so much  enthusiam and excitement for the two Petr’s and everyone else he met. They asked if we’d be willing to do a fun partner throwdown with the Canuck’s and Czech’s so we paired them up with Bil and Bill for a fun filled Saturday throwdown. Thanks for being part of our CFK community over the Holiday’s Leo, Petr & Petr 🙂

Today’s WOD

3 Rounds

5+5 Power Athlete Step Up

12+12 Box Hamstring Curl


For Average Time

1000m Row

Rest as Needed

1000m Row


Coaches Notes: Some structural work to work on hinging followed by two all out row sprints. Lots of time between sprint to recover so make sure you are going all out!

Score: Average time between two rows

Scaling for Intensity

Row → Reduce Distance so athletes are under 4 Minutes.

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