Wednesday January 2nd



Congratulations to Tracey, Marcy, Kim, Don and Shandy who kick started 2019 with the 10k Resolution Run through hilly neighbourhoods close to CFK. It was also nice to see so many people at the gym on Jan 1st getting their fitness on. What a Strong Start to 2019.

Today’s WOD


Snatch Balance



Partner Death By:

1 Minute: 10 Synchro Toe to Bar

1 Minute: Death By Synchro Squat Snatch


Coaches Notes: Today is a fun partner workout with synchro movements. The partner death by combines synchro movements and the death by format. One minute perform 10 Synchro T2B, the second minute perform an escalating ladder of squat snatches.


Score: Rounds + Reps on the Synchro Squat Snatch


Scaling for Intensity

  • Toes To Bar → Reduce Reps → Knee to Elbow → A combination of Arch to Hollow Swings with Leg Raise and V-Ups → V-Ups → Jack Knives → Sit Ups → Anchored Sit Ups

Synchro Squat Snatch → Power Clean to Overhead Squat

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