Friday December 28th


Today’s WOD

2 Rounds

5 Muscle Clean

5 Front Squat

5 Strict Press


2×5 Dip/Jump/Land

2×5 Clean to Thruster


25 Minute Cap

75/60 Cal Row

50 Cluster 95/65

25 Bar Facing Burpee

With the Remaining Time

Find a 3RM Thruster, from the floor

Coaches Notes: An open style chipper followed by a max lift. This two piece workout has a conditioning effort that should take 12-17 minutes, leaving a ton of time to find the 3RM Thruster. Break the clusters up early and often and then go for it on the burpees because you’ll have a bit of time to rest.

Score: Time on to complete Intensity as well as score on the Thruster

Scaling for Intensity

  • Cal Row → Reduce
  • Cluster → Reduce Weight → Reduce Reps → Squat Clean

Bar Facing Burpee → Bar Facing Body Builder → Step over

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