Thursday December 27th

We had an amazing turnout for our 10th annual 12 days of CF on Xmas Eve this year! Thanks to everyone including our visitors for stopping in to do this awesome workout!

Today’s WOD

For Time


Deadlift 275/185

L-Sit Chin Up


5 Rounds

8+8 Half Kneeling Windmill

8+8 Pallof Press

Coaches Notes: Moderate to heavy deadlifts paired with a challenging pull up variant. The L-Sit Chin Up is one of the most taxing upper body strength exercises. The day isn’t over after the metcon though, there is some follow up core work!

Score:  Time to Complete Intensity

Scaling for Intensity

  • Deadlift → Reduce Weight → KB Deadlift

L-Sit Chin Up → Bent Knee L-Sit Chin Up → Reduce Reps → Strict C2B Chin Up → Banded C2B Chin Up → Double the Number of Ring Rows

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