Monday December 17th

IMG_9924 (2)

Today’s WOD

2 to 4 Rounds

3 Strict Pull Up

2 Chest to bar Pull Up

1 Bar Muscle Up


5 Rounds, Each


10 Burpee
25 Wall Ball 20/14
ME Bar Muscle Up in Remaining Time

With a Partner, alternating every Round

Coaches Notes:Bar work continues with an emphasis on learning the gymnastics kip. A series of drills leads into a partner workout that will be a gasser. Try to partner up with someone who wants to perform the same movements as you.

Score: Total reps on intensity between both partners

Scaling for the Workout

  • Burpee →  Bodybuilders →  Reduced Reps
  • Wall Ball→ Reduced Weight/Height → Reduce Reps → Goblet Squat

Bar Muscle Up → Jumping Bar Muscle Up → Strict Pull Up → Double the Number of Ring Rows

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