Wednesday December 12th


Today’s WOD

5 Rounds

2 Overhead Squat w/3s Pause in Bottom, across

10 High Bench Row, Across


Regionals 2014 Event 7

64 pull-ups

8 overhead squats, 205/135

6 Minute Time Cap

Coaches Notes: A quick sprint workout and throwback from the 2014 regionals finishes off a day focused on building shoulder stability. The paused overhead squat is a great way to build the upper back, especially when combined with the high bench row.  The met-con itself is very challenging.

Score: Time to complete Intensity. Any incomplete reps count as seconds.

Note: This a workout from Regionals 2014.To see the movement standards or relive nostaligia, check out this link!

Scaling for Intensity

  • Pull Up  → Reduced Reps →  Jumping Pull with Emphasis on Kip Swing →  Ring Row

Overhead Squat → Reduce Weight → Front Squat, only as a last resort

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