Friday December 8th




Tempo Front Squat

8 Sets of 2

Build to 2 3RM

Tempo is 3 down, 3s pause


4 Rounds

In 1 Minute perform:

1 Tempo Front Squat @ 85% of 2RM from the day

And as many Alternating Jumping Lunges as possible
Rest 3 Minutes between rounds

Coaches Notes: Today builds from our previous Tempo Front Squat work.  The primary focus is posture and position while squatting followed by a met-con that brings back the alternating jumping lunge. It’s a Leg Day!

Score: Total jumping lunges accumulated over 4 Rounds from Intensity

Scaling for Intensity

  • Tempo Front Squat →  Tempo Goblet Squat

Jumping Lunges →  Step  Back Lunges

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