Tuesday December 4th


Member of the Month Bil T.

Bil and his wife Natasha have both embraced CrossFit  and have been a big part of our CFK community for a number of years now making it an important part of their day to day lives. They’ve even rubbed off on their Daughters who now do CrossFit themselves.There’s not many social events or challenges that they don’t get involved with.
 Bil’s hard work, consistency, and commitment to his fitness has paid off. He shows up with a Timmie’s in hand, greets everyone and  puts 100% into every wod .  Most importantly, he knows how to keep it fun.  He’s always encouraging and cheering on others as he suffers along side them giving everyone a high five at the end. Bil will always go out of his way to introduce himself to new people and makes them feel welcome. This is what CrossFit is all about. Thanks for being part of the CFK community Bil.


Today’s WOD

With an Empty Barbell

2 Rounds

5 Muscle Clean + 5 Strict Press

2 Rounds

5 Dip Jump Land Drill

2 Rounds

5 Hang Squat Clean  + 5 Power Jerk


Clean and Jerk

Coaches Notes: Another heavy day, now focused the Clean & Jerk. Athletes should aim to hit their previous 1RM for a double. The day, in its entirety, is designed to help athletes Clean and Jerk better. Make sure technique is dialed in with a barbell before progressing towards weight.

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