Friday November 30th



St Mary’s Phys Ed Classes giving CrossFit a GO!

Thanks to St. Mary’s and especially Mr Mandich for their on going support over the years and introducing High School students to CrossFit.

Today’s WOD

Perform 100m row sprints at the following stroke rates:

20, 22, 24. 28, all out


4 Rounds

1000m Row

25 V-Up

20 Russian KB Swing 32/20

Coaches Notes: Intervals return today: with a twist. There are other movements and rest is removed. This time the we are rowing intervals instead of running. Keep track of the times to complete your Rows!

Score: Average split time on Rowing in Intensity

Scaling for Intensity

  • 1000m Row → Reduce Distance
  • V-Ups → Jack Knives → Sit Ups → Anchored Sit Ups

Russian KB Swing → KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull → KB Deadlft

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