Thursday November 29th


Today’s WOD

Box Squat

5×5, Across


3 Rounds

25 Deadlift 155/105

50 Air Squat

25 Ring Dip

Coaches Notes: The primary focus is hamstring engagement during the box squat and differentiating between a hinge and a squat. The box squat presents the perfect opportunity to learn to engage the hamstrings while squatting. The met-con includes hinging and squatting as well as more ring dips! The day, in its entirety, is designed to help athletes squat and hinge better.

Score: Time on Intensity


Scaling for Intensity

  • Deadlift →  Reduce Weight →  Raise the Deadlift Bar Up →  Use a KB.
  • Air Squat → Scale to a box → Use the rig to assist in maintaining depth

Ring Dip → Banded Ring dip → Jump to Support, controlled negative → Ring Push Up → Tricep Push Up → Tricep Push Up on Box

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