Tuesday November 27th

Today’s WOD

3 to 5 Rounds
6 Scap Retraction on Rings
3 Beat Swing on Rings

2 Hip to Ring
1 Strict Muscle Up


For Time, with a Partner

1000m Row

10 Rounds each

3 Muscle Up

5+5 KB Snatch 24/16

Finish With

1000m Row

Coaches Notes: Today’s partner workout combines  high skill gymnastics with grunt work via the KB snatch and the row. You and your partner can do this workout synchro if you want, but everyone must have  “synchro rounds.” In other words, they work at the same time but both athletes must complete each round before moving onto the next one. The combination of muscle ups and KB snatch will tax the grip. The row at the start and finish of the workout will also add another level grime to the ordeal.

Score: Time to Complete Intensity

Scaling for the Workout:

  • Muscle Up → Jumping Muscle Up → Strict Chest to Bar Pull Up → Ring Row

KB Snatch → KB Clean → Single Arm KB Clean

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