Monday November 26th


Strongnastics Gymnastics Workshop at CFK

A great big thank-you to Merritt and her Sister Jen- owners of Strongnastics for running such an amazing, educational and FUN gymnastics workshop for our CFK members on Saturday. The feedback was amazing and we can’t wait to see everyone practice and  master the skills they were taught. We will be having these awesome ladies back in the Spring:)

Today’s WOD


21 V-Up

15 Box Jump 24/20

9 Deadlift 255/175


5 Rounds, Not For Time

25 Ft Death March

25 Ft Walking Lunge

Performed with dumbbells. Dumbbells are put down only between rounds, not exercises.

Coaches Notes:Last week we worked on core stability after a grueling workout, this week we are going to blow our cores up and work on single leg stability. The AMRAP should tax the midline via the V-up and deadlift while the box jump over ads another level of intensity. The consistency cash out should be done focused with athletes using moderate weight.

Score: Total Rounds + Reps from Intensity


Scaling for Intensity

  • V-Up → Jack Knife → Sit Up → Anchored Sit Up
  • Box Jump → Reduce Height → Reduce Reps → Step Up

Deadlift → Reduce the weight as needed. For brand new athletes, use a KB

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