Wednesday November 21st


Today’s WOD

4×10 @ 20RM





Toe to Bar

Coaches Notes: The back squat makes its first appearance in our gymnastics cycle and we continue our focus on higher rep sets. Athletes should use their 20rm for their sets today. Note that they will be hitting that weight for four total sets (40 reps) so resting between efforts will be important. The high skill finisher is a quick burner, make sure you scale appropriately.

Score: Time to Complete Intensity

Scaling for Intensity

  • Burpee →  Bodybuilders →  Reduced Reps
  • Toe To Bar → Reduce Reps → Knee to Elbow → A combination of Arch to Hollow Swings with Leg Raise and V-Ups → V-Ups → Jack Knives → Sit Ups → Anchored Sit Ups

Pistol → Lower on Top of Box → Step Back Lunge Weighted in Goblet Position → Step Back Lunge → Step Back Lunge with Rig Assist.

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