Tuesday November 20th


Tri-City Challenge at CFK on King St in 2011

Today’s WOD


2 Power Clean 185/125

1 Shoulder to Overhead 185/125

Rest 6 Minutes between AMRAPS


20 Cal Row

10 Strict Handstand Push Up

Coaches Notes: A combination heavy day / double met-con day designed to test athletes. The day, in its entirety, is designed to push athletes. The combination of heavy lifting, conditioning, and gymnastics leaves little place for athletes to hide and will demand they display their General Physical Preparedness.

Score: Total Rounds + Reps combined on both Met-Cons.  

Scaling for Intensity

  • Power Clean and Jerk → Reduce Weight → Increase Reps for Practice

Strict Handstand Push Up  → Reduced Reps → 1 AB Mat → Pike Push Up on box → DB Strict Press (Seated)

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