Tuesday November 13th

Shandy looking so Strong at her first CrossFit Competition!

Today’s WOD

4 Rounds

25/20 Cal Row

10 Burpee over the Rower

3 Minutes Rest


4 Rounds

8+8 Pallof Press

5+5 KB Windmill

30s L-Sit Hold

Coaches Notes: This is the first “core” day. Training the mid-line is an important piece of gymnastics development, and learning how to move through space while fatigued is a central component of improving met-con performance.

Score: Slowest round on Intensity.

Scaling for the Workout

  • Rowing →  Reduce Calories
  • Burpees over the Erg →  Regular Burpees →  Bodybuilders → Reduced Reps
  • Paloff Press → Reduce Band Tension →  Hold a Change Plate out in Front
  • Windmill →  Reduce Weight →  Use Dumbbell

L-Sit → Tucked L-Sit →  One Leg L-Sit (alternating) →   Foot supported L-Sit

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