Friday November 2nd

Member of the Month

Congratulations to Linda who is our member of the month for November and is very deserving of this recognition. She brings many attributes to CFK that are essential for success inside and outside of the gym. Linda works hard, asks for and is receptive to feedback, attends consistently (regardless of the posted workout), and always has a smile on her face. The improvement Linda has shown since joining back in March is a direct result of these qualities. Congratulations Linda.

Today’s WOD

3 Rounds

3 Strict Pull Up

2 Chest to bar Pull Up

1 Bar Muscle Up



Deadlift 315/205

Burpee Box Jump 30/24

10 Bar Muscle Up after every number (-)

Coaches Notes: Bar work, in both sense of the word, today with bar muscle ups and heavy deadlifts. Deadlifts should not be done heavier than 80% of your most recent 5rm and you should be looking to complete movements in 3 sets or less.

Score: Time on Intensity

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