Thursday October 4th


IMG_4658 (1)

Congratulations to our CFK Masters Athletes Rachael, Natasha, Laura, Christa, Bil, Kevin, Eric and Joanne  who competed at CF Connection in Burlington this past weekend. Natasha, Rachael and Bil all had podium finishes. Way to represent CFK everyone!

Today’s WOD

October 4

5 Rounds, For Quality

10 Seated DB Shoulder Press

15 Banded Pull Apart


For Time

100 Toe to Bar

Every time you come off of the bar, perform 20 Burpees to a Target 6 inches out of reach.

Coaches’ Notes: This workout is to be done in a maximum of 5 sets. So, plan accordingly. V-ups or sit-ups are scaling options for the toe to bar. The 20 burpee penalty still applies though whenever you stop to rest.



Time to complete 100 Toe to Bar

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