Monday September 17th

Erin keeping it FUN at CFK!
We are so pleased to have Erin back assisting this Fall. Please read below to learn more about Erin:)
Hey there! I’m Erin. Some of you already know me as a regular 5:45am class go-er, others may have just seen me around randomly, and to you that have no clue who I am, Hi, and welcome if you’re just joining the fun!
I’ve been a member at CFK since late 2012.  I remember being hesitant on whether I wanted to give up my exercise routine at that time, but I took the plunge and signed up for group fundamentals to give it a try.  Those few weeks introduced new ‘fitness things’ to me, had me try movements I’d never heard of, and made me realize that I am capable of much more than I even knew, which continues to this day.
Anywho, the reason you’re looking at a photo of me and reading this, is because you may be seeing more of me at CFK.  With attendance starting to pick up in the evening classes, I am going to be helping out our awesome coaches every now and then, so if you see me on the floor say hi, and hopefully I can help you keep fit and have fun!
PS. It may not appear as though I am having fun in both pictures, but I sure am! 
Photo credit to Michelle Prince and Mark Korabo

Today’s WOD

12 Minute Cap:


Bench Press 185/125

L-Sit Chin Up

At The 15 Minute Mark

12 Minute Cap:


Strict Handstand Push Up

Calorie Row

Coaches’ Notes: Two couplets today of some movements with higher skill in them, make sure you are scaling movements or reps properly in order to focus on intensity and not skill acquisition. Each round should be completed in 2-3 quick sets.

Score: Two scores for today’s workout; one for each couplet. Either time or reps completed if time capped.

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